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Norton has built a name for being one of the finest antivirus software in the market. At Norton customer service, we applaud at how consistently it keeps updating its products. It has a simple and direct client interface that lets you work effortlessly. It comes with File Insight, Sonar security, Network Insight and Power eraser apparatus that gives all round protection against different malicious codes.

The antivirus can run at foundation so you can work noiselessly. The PC utility device lets you tune up your computer & Backup as well as restore instrument. We bring you here a few advantages of Norton antivirus that makes it one of the most reliable protective software in the market. Read on to find out.

Norton customer service UK is more than just antivirus

Norton gives complete security to desktops, portable PCs, mobile phones, servers and web foundations, more than what a conventional antivirus or antispyware does. There are protective features like the TruScan Proactive Threat Scan that protects against all sorts of hidden dangers. For this, it does not depend on any marks.

Antispam insurance that is right on the mark

Norton antivirus shields you from the threats of phishing and spam emails with its highly innovative industry driven antispam feature that counters more than 99 percent spam. The misses are highly rare, numbering to one in a million.

Norton antivirus customer service recommends its solid and quick recuperation

You can stretch your insurance to include portable device/desktop recuperation and reinforcement. It ceaselessly restores framework or information, ensuring against latest dangers via computerized, occasion driven reinforcements.

Windows compatibility and other advantages

Ever since Symantec redesigned Norton for Windows compatibility, Norton went on to become one of the best antivirus available in the market. Each year, it released an upgraded version. It warns you when you are about to install a malicious program. This gives you the opportunity to counter an infection even at the last moment.

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What more, it has an active tech support team that you can connect for instant resolutions. According to technicians at Norton customer service number, installing this antivirus does not slow down or interrupt with your PC performance even the littlest bit. Even the smallest of threats do not go unnoticed by this antivirus. Its products are easy to find and with an ever active tech support team, there is hardly any hassle while installing, configuring or setting it up. Enjoy a malware free environment at work!


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