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4 Common Hacking Techniques Used By Cyber Criminals

We live at an age where we can safely assume from statistics, that we need more safety in the virtual world than in the physical world. When we activate Norton antivirus for our clients, we often talk to them about the common strategies hackers use to gain access into their devices. It is good to know, in order to better protect your device and data from such attacks.

The common old Brute force method

Ever since the very inception of hacking, hackers have caused harm by brute force method. This means, trying multiple permutation and combination from a given set of characters. They will try all characters between A-Z, 0-9 and special characters. If trying A-Z does not work, they will move to trying 0-9. You don’t see online attacks happen like this anymore. However, telling clients how to activate Norton antivirus, our technicians see such tricks carried out offline even today.

The Man in the Middle attack

In the MITM attack, there is the intermediate device that handles all the requests that are made to a server from it. In this kind of attacks, the hacker can redirect the user to another site, replace a downloaded file with some other file, view typing and browsing history and even connect to your phone (if it finds the ports open). Hackers carry out MITM attacks commonly in public places that offer free Wi-Fi, like railway stations and coffee shops. Our technicians who help you resolve Norton activation key errors tell you therefore, not to shop or make financial transactions online, when using a public Wi-Fi.

The malice of Keylogging

This technique is way older than any other. What more, it is still going strong. In keylogging, the hackers create a record of all keystrokes made on a system. This data is sent periodically to the hacker’s system. There are modern keyloggers that come with features like taking a snap of the victim’s screen and even hiding it among other processes, to avoid detection.

The act of Cookie Stealing

Almost every website uses cookies to identify and remember one visitor from the other. Our Norton activate product key support team comes across cases where the hacker steals cookies from a computer and transfers it to his own browser. This way, when he opens this particular site the next time, it will identify him as you. In other words, he has stolen your identity. This way, he can carry out illegal activities on your name and can escape scot free while putting all the blame on the user whose identity he has stolen.

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There are so many other techniques like phishing, DDOS attacks or SQL injections. They have all become frighteningly common as online scams and hacking cause financial losses in billions every year. At Norton support, we cannot emphasize enough on how important an antivirus is for your device and data. A strong antivirus and firewall can go miles to safeguard you from severe financial or reputational losses.


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