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5 precautions you Should Take Against Malware And Viruses

You play a risky game when you decide to download a file from an unknown source. At Norton 360 antivirus support, you can stay safe by following the steps we bring you here. Read carefully and implement it each time, to keep your device and data safe.

A little research can open your eyes

Google is such a goldmine of information that all you need to do is open it on your phone or PC and read a little about (almost) anything under the sun. In this case, browse and find out information on the type of program that you have in mind as well as the programs that you are considering to download. There are other popular search engines like Yahoo and Bing, so take your pick. At Norton 360 antivirus support UK, we recommend browsing to find out what other people who have used similar services have experienced.

Choose to download from the original publisher site

Other than researching how trustworthy are the other sites, it is always smart to check out the original publisher site. This is where you find the safest and latest version of the program. When the publisher’s site redirects you to some other download site, then rest assured that it is the preferred version for it.

Install after scanning it thoroughly

Yes, your antivirus scans the program as and when it downloads. But there is no harm to be doubly safe. Norton 360 antivirus support centre recommends that you ask your antivirus program to scan the file once again after the file is downloaded. There are many good malware scanners available in the market. You can choose one such for a second opinion.

Be careful about the chance of false positives

Antivirus software can be a little less than perfect at times. They may, for example, see malware when it does not really exist. So if both your antivirus and malware scanner show there is a malware, you have a problem. On the other hand, if one shows you have malware and the other shows you don’t, then Norton 360 antivirus technical support number technicians suggest that you try another on demand scanner to find out what is the issue.

At any step, when any of these programs find a malware, they usually tell you what it is. Then you can look through your search engine to find out more about it.

Steer clear of PUPs

Be on the watch for PUPs all time when you install any software. Your antivirus may warn you at times of a PUP (potentially unwanted program) when you are downloading something. You can go on to download it but be careful about it. These are some easy to follow steps that Norton security help team recommends when downloading files and programs online. A little awareness goes a long way in protecting your data.

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