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Norton SONAR Protection ON or OFF

How do I Turn ON/OFF Norton SONAR Protection?

What’s Norton SONAR Protection? Are you looking to turn on or off Norton SONAR Protection? SONAR is a real-time security/protection feature that identifies potentially malicious applications when they run. It secures your system against any suspicious programs to run on your computer hence your data is stay secured with Norton security. It offers “zero-day” protection […]

Norton Support Security Virus

Virus Types That Scream Bad News

Computer viruses are harmful enough for personal computers, but all hell breaks loose when they make their way to work computers and laptops. Working closely with our dedicated Norton Support team, We have compiled this short list of three common virus types that can take a business down in minutes. File Infector Virus – The […]

Password hacked

Norton Password Generator

Create strong and powerful passwords using Norton Password Generator. Norton password generator suggests you a password unable to guess. Nowadays social media accounts, emails, banks, and mobile phone, laptop/computer passwords are most important. Why do you need a strong password? These days hackers are trying to steal your information from your social media accounts and […]

How Do I Set Up and Run Norton Cloud Backup

How Do I Set Up and Run Norton Cloud Backup?

Norton by Symantec Corporation has come up with a unique feature – taking the backup of your important files. Norton Online Backup facility will give you the option to take the backups of your personal files either on your system or remotely on any other system. It is mandatory to have a strong and active […]