App exclusion in Norton

How to Set App Exclusions In Norton Antivirus Software

Norton antivirus is one of the popular antiviruses in the market. It offers a range of products to safeguard your system from virus attacks. We all are using the internet regularly, so antivirus is a must factor for safe browsing and security of your system. However, while working on the computer, you might need to […]

How does Norton Family work

Norton Family- A Tool to Stay Safe in Internet Era

With the increase in the usage of the internet and tech devices, cybersecurity is a concern for all of us. Any device which uses the internet could be susceptible to virus attacks or cyber-attacks. Norton is a popular antivirus in the market and comes up with a range of products. Let us discuss how Norton […]

How to Disable Web Push Notifications

How to disable Web Push Notifications on Chrome/ Mozilla /Safari?

Steps to Turn off Web Notifications on the Major Web Browsers? Generally, approximately 10 percent of subscribers opt-out of web push notifications per year without any prior notice. Due to this, when it comes to regular web notifications, the opt-out rates are not as high comparatively. Hence, users prefer receiving notifications from their favorite websites […]