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Enable Disable Norton Product Tamper Protection

Are you looking for how to enable or disable Norton product tamper protection? Norton is one of the best antiviruses in the market with advanced products and features. Do you know about Norton tamper product protection and its features? Don’t worry; let us discuss Norton product tamper protection in detail in this article.

Norton product tamper protection builds a defensive fortress for Norton files. This feature protects your Norton product files from virus attacks and modifications. It also secures your data and device from unknown threats. For a setup guide visit Norton.com/setup.

Norton product tamper antivirus always helps you protect your device and data from virus modifications, accidental data deletion, and many more issues.

How to prevent changes to Norton security settings?

  • To avoid unauthorized changes to Norton security settings, turn on the Setting password protection and Tamper protection
  • Set password protection by changing the device security settings
  • Norton tamper protection will allow you to check the modifications in Norton settings by suspicious or unknown apps
  • You can turn off the Norton Product Tamper Protection temporarily by disabling the settings for a typical duration.
  • Note: System restore facility will not work if your Norton product Tamper protection is turned on. Using the system restore wizard, you need to disable the Norton product tamper protection for a specific time.

How to enable or disable the Norton Product Tamper Protection?

  • Open the Norton icon and launch the security software
  • Now click on the settings tabs and go to administrative settings
  • Select the Product security option and click on the “On\Off” switch to enable and disable the Norton product Tamper protection
  • Hit the apply button
  • If you want to disable the Norton tamper protection, need to select the time duration
  • After selecting the period, click on the ok button
  • Now close the setting window

How to turn off Norton Product Tamper Protection 9with Video Guide)?

YouTube video

If you cannot enable and disable the Norton product tamper protection by following the above steps, contact the Norton antivirus customer support team. The Norton customer care team is always available to solve customers’ issues and problems. The support team may assist you via telephone, remote access to your system, or via chat.

Norton tamper protection feature is one of the essential features in Norton antivirus products. It is recommended to enable it always and secure your system from vulnerable.

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