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How does Norton Password Manager Work

Do you want to know how does Norton Password Manager work? Norton Password manager makes things easy for you in your digital journey. In this post, we’ll tell you the complete process that how Norton password manager works.

The purpose of this article is to understand how a password manager works. Norton antivirus is loaded with a lot of different features and programs.

How Norton Password Manager Works?

Norton Password Manager will securely store and manage user’s sensitive information. It will help the user to passwords and access favorite sites in a speedy manner. Users can save login details of financial information and personal information. Norton password manager encrypts your information and saves your important information to cloud – vault. This stored information on cloud vault can be accessed using a password from your system.  This password manager can be used on different devices like Personal computers, laptops, tablets smartphones, and web portal. 

Norton Password Manager Features

  • It protects the user’s system from theft and fraudulent
  • Users get protection from a suspicious website and can perform tension-free secure online transactions
  • User can carry sensitive information securely anywhere
  • Norton password manager can save username and password and sync them across all the devices
  • Help you to create a complex password and inbuilt password generator

Download Norton Password Manager

How Much Does Norton Password Manager Cost?

Norton Password Manager is a free to use utility tool to manage your data, login credentials, bookmarks through Android App, IOs App, Chrome extension, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari browser Addons.

Why Do I Use Norton Identity Safe?

Norton password manager can be used for safe and secure identity. You can save your social logins through this tool. Norton identity safe is a good option if you forget your passwords frequently. You can save passwords for Accounts like- Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and many other eCommerce, Finance, Banking sites.


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