What to do if you want to delete your Facebook Account?

Delete Facebook account

With growing times people are engaging more with social media on a larger scale. Hence, social platforms like Facebook continuously updates its privacy policy and delete many fake users on a regular basis. But signing up for a Facebook account also means to share your all personal information as well, as it doesn’t allow you to sign up without providing your personal information to it.

The application has known among its users as a data collector. Facebook uses every user’s data for its own purpose and for many more things. By selling the data of billions of its user’s it secures a huge amount of money on a continuous basis. It has a long history of breaking many privacy laws in the last many days but it’s still a question of concern. It take store and sell its user’s data. Hence, it is a matter of great concern that how the social network handles our privacy. Sometimes the users want to take a break by deleting it whether you want to delete your account or not is your decision. But still, if you want to delete you can follow the below steps to do the same:-

How to delete Facebook account

How to Permanently Deactivate Your Facebook Account or Delete it?

You can do it easily in any two ways:-

  1. The first one is the temporary solution where you delete it for some time and make a comeback as per your convenience.
  2. The second one is a permanent one here you delete your account permanently and can’t log in again with the same identity once you deleted it and hence no going back. So better choose wisely.

While Deactivating your Facebook account is a useful option when you want to go into the incognito mode for a while with the power to make come back online without having to set up a whole new account. During the de-activation time, no one can see your profile, but your name may still pop up on your friend’s lists. Also, as an addition to it, you can still use Facebook Messenger while your account is deactivated, which allows you to stay connected to it whenever you want.

How to delete Facebook account on phone

To delete your account permanently is a choice. Once you choose this option, you won’t be able to open or log in to your account. Everything including your posts, photos, videos, and any other associated with your account is gone forever. And if you choose the delete option you can’t use Facebook Messenger, and won’t be able to use the Facebook Login feature you may have used on third-party apps or websites to sign up.

For your information, the messages you had sent to your friends and copies of the same can still be visible in their in-boxes even after you have deleted your account.

Steps of Deactivation of your Facebook Account

Read the article and follow the below steps before you De-activate your Facebook Account:-

What if you do not want to delete your Facebook account altogether but ready to take a break from social media? you have a solution for this by de-activating your account.

  • To do this first, go to the Facebook website on your computer, and click on the downward-facing arrow in the top right corner of the screen before you, and then select “Settings” from the list.
  • Secondly, go to the pane on the left, click on “Your Facebook Information” and then select or choose“Deactivation and Deletion” from the list of options present before you.
  • Then click on the button next to “Deactivate Account” and then select the “Continue to Account Deactivation” button to proceed further.

How to delete Facebook account on a computer?

Now on the next page, they will ask you for the reason why are you leaving Facebook. After submitting your reason select from the list of options available, and after giving further explanation—if necessary—opt-out of future emails, and select whether to keep using Messenger. Once, fill out this form, click the “Deactivate” button immediately.

As last warning appears before you. Now, read the message and click on “the Deactivate Now” option whenever you’re ready to continue.

And yes this is it. Facebook will sign you out and will take you back to the “Log into Facebook” page again.

And if you’re ready to reactivate your account, all you have to do is log back into Facebook anytime. Also, you can reactivate it by using the Facebook Login feature on another app or website according to your needs.

How to Delete FB Account from Phone/Computer

Video Guide- How to delete Facebook Account

To Permanently deleting your FB Account

To perform this feature or before you proceed ahead and remove your Facebook account from existence, you may or may not want to backup your information from the company’s servers. For this Facebook provides a tool to help you download all your data in one manageable ZIP file and save it.

Hence, you can easily download your information from the Your Facebook information page” in Settings.

  • Go to a browser and head to your ‘Facebook settings page’. Then click on “Your Facebook Information” and then select the option “Deactivation and Deletion” from the list of settings available there.
  • Click the box next to “Permanently Delete Account” and then tap on “Continue to Account Deletion” when you’re ready to do.
  • Also, before you go further, the app will eventually warn you of the ramifications that go along with it once you permanently delete your account.
  • You can also back up any of your data you want to save and, if you’re sure this is the right choice for you, go ahead and click on the “Delete Account” button.
  • Facebook as one last security step asks you for the password you had set, and you have to enter it before you can delete your account. Then, click “Continue” after doing so.
  • As Facebook claims to remove everything, still if you’re a bit more cautious about previous status updates, photos, and posts sticking around, you can erase everything or data before deleting your account.

What happens when you delete your Facebook account?

After you are done one final message from Facebook saying that in case you change your mind, the company will hold onto your profile and data for 30 days.  After reading you can click on the “Delete Account” button to proceed further.

And you are done. Facebook will sign you out and take you to the “Log into Facebook” page similarly.

If you have chosen to delete your account, there is still a 30-day window to reactivate your account. The app does this in case you have a sudden change of heart and do decide you want to keep it after all. You can simply head to Facebook and log in with your email and password to reinstate your account again.

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