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how To Protect Yourself In The Cyber World

The digital world has made our communication and financial transactions way more easy and quick. But owing to our dependence on the digital media, it is imperative that we remain aware of the risks that come with it. What are its common dangers? Hacking, unlawful access to another’s device or confidential data and using others’ data to make unlawful online purchases/transactions from their account details. At Norton technical support, we believe some simple measures can help us stay safe from such incidents up to a large extent. We bring you some of the measures that you could follow in your day to day online life. Hope you remember them the next time you are online.

Do not click on links offering suspicious prizes, lotteries or discounts

There is a large amount of truth in the saying that nothing worth having comes for free in this world. So when you suddenly get informed in the mail that you won a huge sum of money on a lottery that you never participated in, think twice before getting excited about it. Our technicians at Norton technical support number ask clients to never open such mails (yes, even if they offer you a trip for two to Switzerland). Instead, send them to the spam folder so next time when they come up with a better trick, they cannot pursue you with it.

Avoid torrent sites and download from authentic ones only

It is better to avoid software from anywhere except the genuine sources as hackers can modify and use them to steal your data. When you need a software, download it only from its original or an authentic sources. Remember this as it is a common way to attack devices, advises the expert technicians at Norton technical support phone number.

Select the incognito mode for browsing from third party computers

If you are browsing from a third party mobile or computer, do it in a private/incognito mode. This will make sure that no browser history or user information is stored in the device. Always a safe step, when you are accessing the internet from a device that others also have an access to.

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Use the onscreen keyboard to key in important data

Once again, you should practise this when you are logged in from a third party device. You may know of keyloggers, a malware that capture data you type into a device by using the plastic keyboard. Norton technical support UK says that using the onscreen keyword for login ids and passwords makes sure that you can surpass these attempts successfully.

Follow these basic steps and update your knowledge more about malware and hacking risks to be safe while browsing!

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