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How to Remove Viruses Using Norton Virus Removal Tool

Norton antivirus is one of the best antiviruses in the market.  Norton comes with a variety of features and facilities. Norton antivirus offers different virus removal tools to remove viruses and malware from your system.

Threat specific removal tool

Norton security offers threat specific removal tools. When the name of a threat is known, this threat specific tool works well. The tool will search for a particular name and remove the threat. Today, malicious programs are becoming more complex and involve attacks on more system elements. Norton threat specific tools automatically scan the entire system for a particular threat and then remove the threat. Norton antivirus provides you a spyware and virus removal tool, which automatically scans the system and clears the spyware and malware.

Threat analysis tool

Norton offers you a threat analysis scanning tool to detect and clear the zero-day threats. This will also help you to remove other kinds of risks. Zero-day threats are nothing but newly developed bugs in the operating system or program. The developer is sometimes unaware of these threats, and this gives rise to zero-day threats. A threat analysis scan is a free tool with the latest tool developed by the Norton antivirus program. You can download a threat analysis tool from the help section of the Norton antivirus program. The threat analysis tool helps you to identify the common issues and provide support to solve these issues. It is a simple and faster tool that offers an immediate fix for threats. It detects the threats and removes them effectively.

Norton Virus Removal Tool Features

What are the benefits of a Threat analysis scan?

  • It can be used as a first quick response to a customer complaint
  • Lessens the resource downtime by workable automatic solution
  • No backup and restoration is required
  • Other tools like special threat detection tools require more time to solve the issue; as it involves restoring files, reimaging systems, etc.

This threat analysis scan is not a solution or replacement for the regular antivirus programs and scanners. However, these tools are supportive utilities.


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