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Norton error 8920 223

Norton Antivirus is developed by Symantec Corporation and comes with a range of different security products. Norton LiveUpdate application installs the security patches like firewalls, spyware, or antivirus signature files. Sometimes while running the Live update manually, you may get a display message ‘error: 8920, 223 Norton LiveUpdate was unable to install the update.

You may get this error while installing Norton’s different products – Norton 360, Norton internet security, Norton 360 premier edition, Norton Antivirus product for Mac, etc.

What are the causes of the Norton Live Update failed error? 

  • Live update Server might be temporarily down
  • When the user tried to manually run the live update
  • Some malware might have affected the computer and blocking the update


How to solve Norton error 8920, 223 Dell?


  • Retry Update

Norton Live update might sometimes terminate the linking with your system or malfunction. If you are working with Norton Security, hit the Help button and get the support. If you are using Norton Internet Security or Norton 360, hit the support option and select the get support. For a setup guide visit Norton.com/setup.


Norton LiveUpdate Error

Steps to resolve Norton error 8920, 223 on Dell

  • Check the Date
  • You may need to check the virus definition date based on the Norton product, follow the different steps.
  • For Norton 360: go to the security and search for Run live update option, select the time next to the definition updated
  • For Norton Security: You may find the option under you are protected section and select the time next to Protection updates
  • For Norton Antivirus or Norton Internet Security: You may find this option under Live update and select the time next to the last update
  • Check the update time, if it is less than 24 hours, then wait for the next 24 hours to complete and run the Live update again. If time is more than one day then go to the next step.
  • Manually Update
  • For a manual update of the virus signature, visit the link http://www.symantec.com/security_response/definitions/download/detail.jsp?gid=n95.
  • This is an intelligent updater download link where you can find the latest versions of Norton antivirus signatures.
  • Check the operating system version and download the respective file. For Windows 8/7/Vista/XP – 32 bit versions, filename start with year and ends with extension v5i32.exe
  • Download and install the file on your system and follow the guidelines to complete the process.


If you are not able to fix the problem then contact the technical support team. Fix all your problems with our expert technical assistance.


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