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Norton 360- Unspecified Error

The file type is a software component of Norton 360. Especially these types of errors prevent Norton from connecting to the internet and leave your PC at risk. As this file Uistub.exe type is not essential or important for your windows operating system, it causes relatively few errors. The below article tells you three important ways through which you can easily solve your problem and restore security in your computer by solving Norton 360 unspecified error. Suppose this problem occurs frequently in that case you can easily contact Norton’s team via their contact no and ask for further assistance to resolve it.

Follow the below steps to resolve Norton’s 360 unspecified error Uistub.exe:-

Step 1- First install and uninstall Norton 360

  • First click the “start icon” on the “taskbar” and click the “windows” option.
  • Then go to Run command box and open the control panel.
  • Then click on the “Programs section” and go to “uninstall programs” option.
  • Then go through all the programs and search for Norton 360 program there.
  • Type Norton 360 and click uninstall/change.
  • Please follow all the steps to remove and uninstall Norton 360 software.
  • Now instantly restart your computer and go to the official website of Norton to install the latest version of this.

Step 2- For run disc clean up

The Norton 360 unspecified error is often caused due to cluttered RAM and accumulation of unnecessary files. You can easily clean your disc by following the below steps as they provide you the relevant information:-

  • First, go to “my computer”and right click any “hard drive”.
  • Then go to “properties” and tap on “clean disc” option there.
  • Now select the categories of the files you want to delete, For example log files etc.
  • Please, make sure that you do not delete any important file once you check then proceed with a ‘yes’.
  • Then go to “More options” and click on the “cleanup button”.
  • This step will clean your system and will restore the data.
  • Also, do remove any unnecessary files from your PC so that it can run smoothly.


Step 3- How to check for Auto-start programs

There are times when certain programs will start automatically as soon as your computer is switched on. Most importantly these programs can slow down your system and cause an error in your Norton 360 software. Look at the steps below to start any program from automatic startup:-

  • Click on the ‘windows’ button, open the run box and type the following.
  • Program data/Microsft/Windows/Start menu/Programs/Start ups.
  • And choose all the programs you remove from automatic startup.
  • And “right-click” on the programs you do not need and press delete.
  • Please restart your computer and check if the Norton 360 unspecified error is resolved and if Norton 360 is working.

For any query feel free to contact us on our given helpline numbers anytime.

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