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Norton Antivirus Basic 2019 Download

Norton antivirus is an affordable and powerful security software in the market.  It is Symantec’s popular product in the industry. You will get overall protection against viruses, malware, spyware, spammers and hackers at groundbreaking least pricing. Norton antivirus will also protect your system from online threats and ransomware.

Norton Antivirus Basic Download

Norton basic antivirus gives you a 24 * 7 threat monitoring network with seamless upgrade options. You can update your antivirus to the latest version smoothly. This basic antivirus program is lightweight, high speed and precise security software; no need to worry about system performance. Norton antivirus has a high malware detection rate with more flexible features. You can also get an easy licensing option and file recovery feature.

Norton Antivirus Basic Features

  • The accuracy rate of Norton antivirus is higher than average accuracy
  • It gives you an attractive interface with a lightweight software program
  • Norton won’t give you free trial option and costs are slightly at higher side
  • It comes up with the rigid licensing model

Norton Antivirus Basic Review

Norton propelled its first antivirus program in 1991. It is one of the longest-lived antivirus suppliers in the industry. Norton gives antivirus programming software to all the major stages, personal computers, Macs and Android phones, and covers the full range of security requirements. In this Norton AntiVirus Basic survey, we’re concentrating on its least expensive antivirus plan.  As the name suggests, Norton antivirus basic mainly focus on baseline features like threat detection, intelligence behavior monitoring, detects new hazards. It also provides you anti-fishing technology, password management, etc.

How to set up Norton Antivirus?

When compared to another antivirus program, Norton antivirus basic doesn’t offer a free trial option to its customer. It gives you a 60-day money-back guarantee to customer, however, customers need to pay money and later need to apply for a refund.

  • Installing Norton antivirus is a pretty simple process.
  • Norton antivirus program gives uninstall message prompt to the user if any other antivirus program is present on your system
  • Users can follow the guidelines for installing antivirus and it will give other extension options to users like browser extension – Norton safe web advises etc.
  • It will also provide password management option
  • These are freeware provided by Norton antivirus
  • Norton program requires 1.6GB of disk space ( this is somewhat higher than its competitors)
  • It has very minimal impact on system performance with less than 50 MB of RAM on chrome extension hosting
  • Norton antivirus program runs smoothly on the system

What are the features of Norton antivirus?

Norton antivirus basic comes up with a lot of different choices and has an alluring interface with easy to use functions and powerful features. Users can easily view the status of protection.

Survey the status of your insurance is straightforward, including full insights concerning the last update and output. Catches are gathered into regular capacities, for example, Safety, Identity, etc. A tick on each uncovers significantly more activities and extra settings, which is more than we would anticipate from any committed antivirus programming.

Norton Antivirus Basic UK

Norton antivirus gives you an option to save custom scan and bypass other scan types like rootkits or tracking cookies etc. You can schedule your scan automatically with additional features like idle system or on AC power scan etc. It also comes with regular scan, power eraser, etc options.   If you don’t want to choose such an option, Norton’s default settings will work best for you. While scanning the system your system performance remains the same.

It also gives you options like online URL blocking, deletion of junk files, startup program management, defragmentation of hard drive, turns On and Off software, CCleaner and free Pc maintenance. Norton is awarded as a best consumer security product performance award. It is an excellent choice for the complete safety of your device and data.

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Norton Antivirus Basic 1PC

Norton Antivirus Basic 1PC

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Norton Antivirus Basic 1PC

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