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Influenced by mass production of computer equipment and innovations for their convenient use, gradually, computer systems and related portable devices have become indispensable to humans. These machines have simplified our day-to-day life by providing convenient access to items from the global market, and connecting with the source of endless knowledge. Due to high dependence of masses of people on the computer systems and the web services, some criminals of technological cognizance develop or use software programs intended for secretly obtaining files from a computer of another person or damaging data at the minimum.

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What is Malware?

Malware is a collective term formed from the combination of words malicious and software. All programs designed to harm a computer device by stealing information, disrupting usual operations, damaging data, or inflict any other ruinous action on hosts or networks are called malware. Viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, ransomware, and bots are all part of malware. These harmful programs infect the systems by being attached to other programs or files of use. They are also inserted into the systems by some other harmful programs that are meant to exploit known vulnerabilities present in an operating system (OS), other devices connected to the same network, or any installed software. Hence, for the safe and hassle-free continuation of computer usage, it has become imperative to have effective counter-threat protection installed on our computer systems.

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The competitive atmosphere in the software market from the wide presence of anti-malware applications, developed by a large number of makers has also been affected by the rise in malware attacks and their sophisticated technology. But a few names are prevailing at the top of this industry because of their comprehensive protective solutions and years of efforts to combat cyber criminals and their use of deleterious programs. Norton, by Symantec, belongs to such a category of well-known cyber security product makers. The acknowledgement from independent antivirus rating agencies that conduct tests to deduce the scope of protective work and overall performance of different counter-threat applications signifies the credibility of Norton antivirus products. Norton simply adds layers of protection to a computer to identify and stop any interaction from the malware programs.


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AV-Test and AV-Comparatives, are two of the many reputable rating agencies that have praised and awarded the anti-malware technology of Norton Technical Support . All this has become possible because of concerted endeavors of Norton research and development teams to identify any changes in the operations of malware or any advanced improvements in their designs. These continuous efforts have always helped in keeping the protective technology up-to-date. Norton has also won PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award for the record 39 times and 12 years in a row. Computer utilities from Norton, such as cleaner, file recovery, and optimization tool, and more help in maintaining good health of computer systems. To know more about call Norton customer & technical support.


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