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Norton Antivirus 2020 software is an excellent way to protect your Laptop / PC systems and android devices. This antivirus software is designed to secure your systems from malwares, viruses, threats, spyware, etc. Norton Antivirus is one of the popular antiviruses in the market. Let us discuss the new features for Norton antivirus 2020.

Norton Antivirus 2020- Your PC Security

Proactive Exploit Protection

PEP is an essential feature of Norton antivirus 2020, specially designed to protect your system from Zero days attacks. It is similar to a computer framework which will safeguard your system from cyber attacks and vulnerabilities. PEP will protect your operating system for such attacks.

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Smart two-way firewall:

Norton antivirus 2020 offers smart two-way firewall protection to protect your system from external traffic and internal traffic. A smart two way will protect your system against incoming and outgoing traffic. Web browsing may create malware attacks on your systems. A smart two-way firewall offers you protection against such sudden attacks.

Virtual Removal Assurance

Norton antivirus 2020 offers virus removal assurance with a complete refund without any queries. If your system gets affected after Norton installation, you will get a full refund. Norton is famous for security assurance and protection due to virus removal assurance.

SONAR protection

Norton SONAR protection is one of the useful tools to protect your system from vulnerable attacks. SONAR system starts protecting your system by checking the malicious clues and checking the running software. SONAR is the best application to protect your system and devices from cyber threats and virus attacks.


Parental Control:

Norton antivirus 2020 comes with parental control features. Today there is an increase in the use of the internet by kids. However, there is a danger of kids searching for inappropriate content. It is required to have parental control on the internet search and access. Norton’s parental control feature ad schedules and limits access to internet users.

Block Spam mails and Block them:

Norton 2020 offers you a spam blocking feature along with a Smart two-way firewall. This feature will detect junk files, viruses, and spam emails. The program will notify for spam mails, vulnerable attachments, and suspicious activities. The spam blocking feature warns you for vulnerable attachments.

Norton Automatic Backup:

Backup is essential for all types of systems and devices. Data is an important part of our daily activities, and we always try to keep it safe. Norton 2020 offers you an automatic backup feature that will protect your essential data. You can choose the files and folders for backup and can get cloud storage up to 25 GB. This space is useful for storing essential data.

Norton 2020 gives you excellent features to protect your system from vulnerable attacks, spyware attacks, and cyber attacks. If you want to know more about Norton 2020 features, contact the Norton customer care team.

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