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The purpose of this article is to understand Norton Antivirus software Error 100 and how to solve this problem.  This Norton error 100 can occur during the installation, windows startup or shutdown. It is important to keep track of instance so that we can find the exact fix for the error.

Symptoms of Norton Error 100?

  • You will get Norton error code 100 on display screen and crashes Window
  • Your system frequently shuts down while running the program
  • Your system is slow and running sluggishly
  • Windows freezes for some time frequently

What are the causes of Norton Error 100?

  • Damaged registry entry related to Norton product
  • Malware or virus attack on the system
  • Some other program may mistakenly delete the Norton related files
  • Incomplete or corrupted installation of Antivirus Product

How to resolve Norton Error Code 100?

Full virus scan of the system

  • Norton error 100 could be due to corrupted files, some virus infections or malware infections could be a reason for damaged files.
  •  A complete scan of your system could be beneficial and resolve Norton error message 100.

Cleaning of Junk or temporary files

While working on the system, over time a lot of junk and temporary files accumulates. This junk could cause a slow or sluggish computer system. It is highly recommended to clean such files.

Follow the steps to clean junk:
  • Go to start button
  • Open command prompt and type “cleanmgr” command and click on the Enter
  • Disk cleanup will automatically start calculating the space
  • Follow the guideline to clean the junks

Device driver update

Outdated device drivers can be another cause of Norton error code 100. Updating device drivers to the current version is a fix for Norton error 100. You can use tools like DriverDoc to update the drivers. This tool is easy to use and will update all the drivers on a single click.

System Restore

You can restore the system to the previous best working system version. The will return your windows to the old version and this will save your time for troubleshooting the Norton error 100 cause.

  • Go to start button
  • Search for System restore
  • Enter the credentials and open the system restore wizard
  • Follow the instructions to restore the system, restart your system

Windows update

Install all the latest windows update patches. This updated system will improve the performance and speed of your computer.

Registry change

You can manually change the windows registry associated with the Norton antivirus 100 error. This should be handled with care as a small mistake that could lead to damage to the entire system.

Reinstall of Norton antivirus

As the Norton error 100 is associated with a typical program Norton antivirus; sometimes reinstalling the same software program can fix this error.

  • Go to control panel, select programs, and features
  • Select Norton antivirus related instances in the system
  • Click on uninstall
  • Restart your system
  • Now with the help of installable, reinstall a fresh copy of Norton antivirus product.

Windows clean installation

If all above fix doesn’t work then this could be the last option to fix Norton error 100. Before installing the windows fresh copy, first, take the backup of all your files and folder. Then using a bootable DVD or USB, follow the guidelines and install a fresh copy of Windows.

If not able to troubleshoot contact Norton support number UK.

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