Solved: How to Fix Norton Error 1026?

Norton Error 1026

Are you facing Norton error 1026 which shows the message “Server error: We’re working to resolve an issue that prevents us from completing your request..” ? Norton antivirus comes up with a lot of different security tools against malware, infections, and viruses. It will provide you a complete online as well as offline protection to your computer. It gives you 24*7 safeguarding against real-time infections and VPN protection. Norton works on different kinds of operating systems like Windows, Mac, IOS as well as Android. It also comes up with advanced protection feature like spam email filter and protection against fishing.

About Norton

Antivirus Norton is a best anti-malware tool, it offers different security and privacy service products. You can also transfer this protection from one device to another. Norton gives you a guarantee of virus removal with committed service. If Norton fails to remove virus you may get a refund on purchased product. Norton is a cloud-based antivirus product with additional features of tracking the lost phones and tablets. Norton gives you three alternatives – Standard, Deluxe, and premium. You may get security for 1 to 10 devices. It is a user-friendly security tool with internet security service for all kinds of browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and others. Norton’s expert’s team is always ready to assist you 24*7.


Norton antivirus offers you an automatic and manual scan of your system with the latest technology. Automatic scanning allows you to scan entire systems files and documents while manual scanning gives you the option to select a particular drive or folder or external device for scanning purpose. Norton provides you latest updates with a high level of security protection for your system. It also gives you protection against online threats and gives you a safe browsing option.

Norton Error 1026


You may encounter Norton error code 1026 while using Norton antivirus protection. Norton antivirus subscription may be active but still, you get a pop up displaying message Norton Error 1026 on the screen.

How to fix Norton Error 1026?

  • The first step is to launch the Norton antivirus program on your mobile.
  • Go to settings and click on the anti-theft division on bottom of the page You need to turn off the device administrator settings
  • Go to Android device settings Try to clear the all apps cache and data in the Norton mobile security application.
  • Now you need to restart your mobile phone and turn on the Device administrator settings log in to Norton security application with credentials and get the full version of the application
  • If you are not able to solve this error contact Norton customer care team for assistance, their expert professional’s team is ready to help you 24*7


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