Norton Error

Norton Antivirus Error 11006 2 is related to an invalid drive issue. The purpose of this article is how to fix Norton error 11006 2.

What are the symptoms of Norton Error 11006 2?

  • You will get Norton error 11006 2 message on Active program window and system crashes
  • A frequent restart of your system
  • The computer runs slowly and sluggishly
  • Your system freezes periodically

What are the Causes of Norton Antivirus Error 11006 2?

  • The incomplete or corrupt download of the Norton antivirus solution
  • Damaged Windows registry entry associated with Norton antivirus
  • Malware infections or virus infection which have damaged the program files
  • Another program might have mistakenly deleted Norton virus related files
  • It is very important to find out the exact instance for Norton Antivirus error 11006 2, as this will be very important for troubleshooting

How to fix Norton Error 11006 2?

Full malware scan of the system

Norton error 11006 2 could be related to virus infections. These infections might have damaged some important files or folders and you might get this error. So to fix this Error 11006 2, you can conduct a full malware scan of your computer.

Cleaning of Junk and temporary files

When you are surfing websites and working on the computer, after a certain period, it starts accumulating junk files and temporary files. This file may slow down your system. It is recommended to clean these junk files and temporary files. For cleaning files, you can either use a software developed by Microsoft gold partner WinSweeper or Windows Disk Cleanup (cleanmgr) tool to clean the junk files.

Open the command prompt and type command cleanmgr and hit the enter button. This will start the disk clean up activity. Select the relevant checkboxes and clean your system

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Restore windows system to the previous version

Windows give you the facility to restore your system version to the best working previous version and undo the current system changes. This could solve your Norton 360 error 11006 2, as the system gets restored to an earlier best working version. This will also save you troubleshooting time. Go to start and search the System restore. You will get the windows system restore wizard. Follow the guidelines and chose your system restore point. Restart your system

Windows and device driver updates

Sometimes if you don’t update your system or device drivers properly to the latest versions, it may also cause error 11006 2. It is recommended to update your windows latest updates by using an uninterrupted internet connection.  Along with this, you can use a tool called DriverDoc to update your system device drivers. This tool will backup of old drivers and update your system’s latest drivers.

Reinstallation of Norton antivirus

If you are still not able to solve the issue, it is advisable to reinstall the Norton antivirus on your system. Open the control panel, go to programs and features options. Select the Norton related entries in the list. Select and click on the uninstall option. After successful uninstall, restart your system. Now go to Norton’s official website, log in with your credentials and download the latest copy of installable from the website. Save it on your system, double click on it and follow the guideline to install the fresh copy of Norton antivirus.

Changes in windows registry

Corrupt entries in the Windows registry could be another cause of Norton error 11006 2. You can manually edit the Windows registry entries associated with Norton. It is a risky job and highly recommended to perform under experts’ supervision; as a small mistake could cause an entire system failure.

Clean installation of Windows copy

If you are not able to solve the Error then the final option is to have a clean installation of windows. Using a bootable DVD or USB install a fresh copy of the Windows system on your computer. Be care full and take the backup of all the important files.


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