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Norton Error 2048 3

Norton error 2048, 3 is a runtime error. You may get an error message on the screen during the program installation or running any Symantec related software. You may face this error during startup of the window or shut down. Sometimes you may get it during operating system installation. It is very important to keep the track of the Norton error code 2048, 3 for troubleshooting purpose.

What are the causes of Norton Error 2048, 3?

  • Incomplete or damaged installation of Norton Antivirus software
  • Damaged windows registry entry related to Norton antivirus software
  • Malware or virus attacks on the system
  • Another software program might have deleted the Norton antivirus related files

What are the symptoms Norton error 2048,3?

  • Error 2048,3 screen displays on the active program window
  • Your system may frequently crash
  • Your system runs slowly or sluggishly
  • Your input devices responding slowly
  • Your computer system may freeze periodically

How to Fix Norton error 2048, 3 ?

Windows system file checker

It is windows in the built tool for scanning the damaged system files. Go to the start button and open the command prompt. Enter the command “sfc/scannow” in command prompt and hit the enter button. The automatic system file checker will start scanning the Norton error 2048, 3 and other problems. Follow the guidelines to complete the process.

 Windows registry repair

You can remove Norton error 2048,3 registry entry manually, however, it is a very critical task. You should make these changes under the proper supervision, as a small mistake may damage the entire system. It is recommended to use tools like Winthruster or registry cleaner for changing the registry entries. These tools will take automatic backups of your old registry entries. You can also manually backup of registry entries using the “Regedit” command.

Conduct full scanning of the system

 It is recommended to scan the entire system to remove the virus infections. Viruses or malware attacks may damage files and ultimately be a cause of Norton error 2048,3.

Cleaning of junk files

After long term usage of computer and web surfing, a lot of garbage gets accumulated. This garbage may slow down system performance. It is suggested to clean these junk files using tools like Winsweeper. This automatic tool will clean up the temporary and junk files.

Update the device drivers and windows latest versions

Check your internet connection and update your windows operating system with the latest versions.

Sometimes device drivers could be another cause of Norton error 2048,3. One should always update system drivers with the latest versions. You can use tools like Driverdoc to update the driver with the latest version. This automatic tool will also automatically backup your old device driver. So at the point of time, you can roll it back to the old version.

Reinstall Norton Antivirus

Reinstalling the Norton antivirus is another way of solving this error. Go to the control panel and select the programs and features option. Select the Norton antivirus instance and uninstall the software as per guidelines. After the uninstall process is complete, restart the computer. Now visit Norton antivirus official website and login with the credentials. Download the latest version of the Norton antivirus program. Follow the instructions to install the fresh copy of Norton antivirus software.

 If all the above solutions don’t work, the final solution is to install a fresh version of the windows operating system. Using booting DVD or USB, try to install the fresh copy of the Windows system. Before clean installation, backup all files to avoid loss of data. 

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