How to fix Norton Error 451?

Norton Error 451

Norton antivirus is one of the best antivirus brands in the market which offers excellent security guard to your device against all types of threats, malware, and viruses. While using Norton antivirus, you might get an error 451. Your working system may get stuck with this error message.

How to solve Norton Error 451?

  • Use the adware and Malware tool:  

Norton antivirus comes with utilities like adware and malware tools. You can use these tools to eliminate the viruses, malware, adware, and worms regularly from your machine. You need to use a windows file checker and run the program on your machine.

  • Registry repair

You need to perform this step under the expert’s supervision. You can use any registry repair tool like CCleaner to update the registry entries. These automatic tools back up the existing registry entries.

  • Update Device drivers

Sometimes the old device drives may be the cause of error code 451; it is recommended to update the latest versions of device drives regularly.

  • Windows systems restore

If you are not able to solve the Norton error 451, then you may try to restore the system to the old working version. Go to the control panel and search for the windows system restore wizard. This is an automatic wizard that restores the system to its best working previous version. Select the instance where you want to restore the system and follow the instructions to complete the process. For a setup guide visit

You can also restore the system using the command prompt. Open the command prompt and type the command sfc/scannow/” in the command window and hit the enter button.

  • Update the windows latest version

Regularly updating the windows operating system is a must for better performance of any system. Always keep your system updated with current patches, check your internet connection and speed for that.

If you are still not able to solve the error code 451 then the clean installation of the new operating system is the last option. Before you install a fresh version of Windows, make sure to backup all files and folders.

If you still have any problems solving the Norton error code 451 then contact the Norton antivirus support team. The team is always ready to help you out and solve your issues.

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