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How to fix Norton 360 error 8921

Norton 360 error 8921 is run time error which occurs during installation and activation of the software program. This error primarily occurs during the start-up or shut down of the computer system.

What are the causes of Norton Error 8921?

  • Corrupt or incomplete installation of the software program or Norton antivirus
  • Other program installation may delete the Norton related files
  • Damaged or corrupted windows registry entry
  • Missing files or damaged files          

What are the symptoms of Norton Error 8921?

  • Your active window crashes with Norton error code 8921 messages on the screen
  • Your system may respond slowly or sluggishly
  • Your computer may freeze periodically

Norton Error 8921 May Occur

  • Norton 360
  • Norton Antivirus
  • Norton Internet Security
  • Norton Security
  • Norton Antivirus Plus
  • Norton 360 Standard
  • Norton 360 Deluxe
  • Norton 360 Premium

How to fix error Norton 8921?

Changing the windows registry entries could be one fix for the error code 8921. Manually editing windows registry entry could be a tricky and complex task. You need to change the entries under the expert’s supervision. Or you can use any tool like WinThruster for automatic update of registry entry.

Another fix is to perform a complete malware scan of your system. Some malware or virus infections may delete or damage the files. This may lead to the Norton 360 Error 8921. So it is recommended to scan your system for these threats.

Norton 360 Support by Norton Support Center

Today we all use a computer for surfing more, this usage may lead to accumulating more garbage or junk files, temporary files on the system. These junk files unnecessarily occupy the space as well as slows down the system performance. It is important to delete such junk from your system. You can use a tool developed by Microsoft trusted partner “winsweeper” for cleaning of junk on your system. You can also use “cleanmgr” inbuilt tool for the same. You need to type “cleanmgr” command on the command prompt window and hit the Enter button. Follow the guidelines to complete the process.

Steps to Resolve Error in Norton 360

The system should be always updated with the latest versions of the software as well as device drivers. Check out your internet connection and update all the window’s latest patches. Old device drivers may also another cause of system error. Use tools like “drivedoc” to update the device drivers to the latest versions.

If you want to save the time of troubleshooting the issue, you may restore the system to the previous version. Use windows inbuilt system restore wizard to restore the system to the best working previous version. This will be a workaround for the error. 

What to do if not able to troubleshoot error 8921

If you are still not able to solve the issue then you may choose the option to reinstall the Norton antivirus software again. Open the control panel and in programs and features option select the Norton related instances and click on the uninstall option. Follow the instruction to complete the uninstall process. Restart your system. Now visit the official website of Norton antivirus and login to the system using credentials. Go to the download section and download the latest version of Norton antivirus. Complete the reinstallation process.

Technical Error Code for Norton 8921

  • Norton error 8921 and 243
  • Norton error 8921 and 251
  • Norton error 8921 and 253
  • Norton error 8921 and 302
  • Norton live update error 8921

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If all the above options fail to solve your error then the final fix is to install a fresh copy of the Windows operating system.  Using a bootable DVD or USP install a fresh copy of windows. Before this, you need to take the backup of all your important data and files.

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