How does Norton Family work

With the increase in the usage of the internet and tech devices, cybersecurity is a concern for all of us. Any device which uses the internet could be susceptible to virus attacks or cyber-attacks. Norton is a popular antivirus in the market and comes up with a range of products. Let us discuss how Norton Family product works on our computers.

How Does Norton Family Premier Parental Portal Tour Work?

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Cyber attacks can result in the loss of valuable data and system integrity. Norton has introduced Norton family solution to secure your family members, kids from vulnerable attacks. This Norton family solution is designed to secure data and online activity based on family-based features. Below are some key features of the Norton family:

Personal information protection:

Norton family product you can download from Norton’s official website. This product keeps your and family members’ information name, phone number, address, etc. safe. This product masks information from hackers.

Monitoring online activities

With the help of the Norton family product, you can easily monitor your child’s online activities. You can also control the child’s access to websites and protect your child from misusing the internet. This is a very important feature for any parent.

Supervising the Search activity

You can restrict the searching keywords searched by your kid. You can check the search history and can limit the internet exposure of your child. This feature will save the inappropriate searching and save your kid and the system from suspicious activities.

Lock feature Norton’s family product offers an instant lock feature. With the help of this feature, you can lock the child’s online devices. You can create a custom PIN and limit internet usage and access. This instant lock feature is also useful to safeguard your devices if it is stolen.

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