The Norton login page is not working

Norton login page is not working

While accessing your account sometime you may face Norton login page not working. Norton antivirus safeguards your all types of devices like laptop, desktop, smartphones, tablets, etc. Norton antivirus offers protection against malware, virus attacks, Trojans, and many more. However, while working with Norton antivirus, sometimes we may face errors like Norton page is not working or not able to login to page.  This error could be due to Norton connection failure to different systems and applications.

How to resolve Norton Login issue

LiveUpdate issue:

LiveUpdate keep your system updated to the latest version automatically. It downloads new versions from the Norton site automatically. When Norton is not able to connect to Liveupdate, launch your browser and go to Norton’s official website. Try to connect the site and launch the Norton Liveupdate. If you are not able to connect the site, then restart the system and try to reconnect.

If you are using Norton Antivirus or Norton internet security, then click on tasks and hit the button Run LiveUpdate. If you are using Norton 360, then you may get a display message that your Norton product has the latest protection updates, select the ok option, and restart the system.

Know how to activate Norton subscription-

Secure sites not opening:

If you are not able to open the secure websites after updating the Norton internet security product, then launch the Norton Live updates. If Norton internet security is installed on your system, then launch LiveUpdate directly, if you are using Norton 360, click the task and hit the Run Liveupdate. Wait till you get a message display “Norton product has the latest updates.”


Email server issue:

Sometimes while sending an email, you get an error message while sending bigger attachments, or sometimes recipients ISP displays an error message. The message could be, “Your email was unable to send due to connection to the mail server is interrupted.” It is recommended to scan the system with Norton antivirus with a running LiveUpdate. If you are not able to solve the issue, then contact the ISP for help.

Email Server Connection Problems

If you send an email, your recipient’s ISP may display an error message if it thinks the email contains spam or sent an attachment that’s larger than the ISP permits. That error message says, “Your email was unable to send because the connection to mail server was interrupted.” You could also see the message if the email address you entered is incorrect or doesn’t exist. Resolve the problem by running a full Norton system scan and then running LiveUpdate. If that doesn’t fix things, contact your ISP for additional help.

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If your ISP rejects any email, you get the error message as Norton antivirus Email protection feature interacts and displays such a message. You can turn off this email protection by following the below steps:

  • Go to settings, ( check if you are using Norton antivirus or Norton internet security product)
  • Then click on the network and hit the message protection option

If you are using Norton 360 then:

  • Click on the antivirus and select the configure option
  • Configure the settings by choosing what to scan and remove the checkmark against the option “Scan outgoing email messages.”
  • Now apply the new settings and click ok
  • Now Norton still checks the incoming messages. However, they won’t check the outgoing emails by you.

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