Norton Password Manager- Guide, Reviews, Problems While Use

Norton Password Manager

A number of people are not aware of the protection of their accounts and so that they easily remember their passwords, they tend to get an easy one. Ignoring the fact that this might land them into trouble. There are a lot of security vendors present in the market who uses password manager, a tool used in managing and creating passwords for you. Symantec Norton Password Manager is one of them which provides amazing services. To top of it, it comes as a free, standalone tool. It’s an upgrade of the older version, Norton Identity Safe.

Norton Password Manager can be installed across all versions of Windows, Android and iOS devices. On Windows, it can be installed as an extension for Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Internet Explorer. On mobile devices, it comes in the form of an application. You can sync your passwords across all your devices and you can easily access all your passwords, once you are logged into it.

Why do you need Password Managers

How to use Norton Password Manager?

Before you understand how to use Norton Password Manager, you need to know how to install the Norton Password Manager from the website. First download it, launch the installer and click on the Agree and Install button. Also, be aware that the Norton Page only contains download links for Android and iOS and not windows. Those who use Windows can get this software as part of the Symantec Norton Antivirus Basic or one of the Norton Suites.

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For application users, after you have downloaded the app, you need to enter your email address to sign in or create a new account. However, Norton Password uses one master password to protect all other passwords. Also, there are instructions to make your password stronger.

Once you successfully install the software, you will get a message to install the Chrome Add-on. If you will open the Internet Explorer, you will be prompted for the add on for that browser and the same goes for Firefox.

Import and Export

Password Managers are free and do not cost even a buck except the internet charges. It also has a great ability to import and export your password and you do not have to repeat the process again and again.

Norton Password Manager can import passwords from Chrome and 32-bit Firefox. Also, it can import passwords from Dashlane, Last Pass, and many more.

Password Capture and Replay

Norton password manager is similar to most password managers in automatically capturing the username and password as you are logged in to any secure site. If your credentials are already saved, then the Norton Password Manager will ask you whether to wish to save the data or replace it with some different information.

When you will visit the site the next time, you will have your information auto saved and will be asked, if it can fill the same. Sometime there might be multiple credentials, then you will be offered a menu for selection.

There is also a toolbar for getting faster access. There is also a search box if in case there is any other information you would like to access. The search box feature is effective enough to get you to the desired page.

Guide: Know how to do Norton Login and install activate

Editing and Organization

There is another feature of Norton Password Manager and that is Editing and Organisation of all your passwords. In the vault link you will be able to have a view of all your saved passwords. Your passwords are masked till the time you unmask them with the button. You can tag them and rename them.

Norton Identity Safe- Manage Your Passwords Easily


Password Generator

The best feature about having Norton Password Generator is that you need not have to worry about making passwords or remembering them, Norton Password Generator will generate the passwords for you and also remember them. Initially, the password generation service was online but right now they are built-in. Norton Password Generator generates a 20-character password. But if you want the password generators to generate the password beyond 20 characters you will have to choose it every time.

In most cases, it is not a very difficult process and a number of users will easily install the Password Manager with the steps provided above. But there will be some users who will face problems installing the Norton. Also, there will be issues like Norton password manager not working properly or Norton password manager not loading. The app users might face problems like the Norton password manager app not working. In that case, all you need to do is get in touch with the Norton Customer care and all your queries will be solved. A Norton Service assistant will get in touch with you to solve your issues and give you a complete guide to help you resolve the same. In extreme cases, you can share your screen if you are unable to follow the steps to troubleshoot.

Norton Password Manager App Not Working Problems

  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Android App
  • iPhone
  • Mac
  • iPad

Norton Password Manager FAQs

What’s the Norton Password Manager price?

Norton password manager comes free with Norton Identity Safe. It doesn’t cost you.

What to do if I forgot the password?

You can reset using your email address if you’re not able to reset or have any issues please contact our customer support team.

What should I do if my Norton password manager not working?

There may be various reasons if your Norton password is not working, you need to find the error showing on your screen while using this, or contact our team for instant resolution.


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