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Symantec Norton Power Eraser eliminates threats that get through your antivirus or block it from being installed. It’s not intended to be a full-fledged antivirus; instead, you use it when you need a powerful cleaning.

When you run a full-scale antivirus scan with Norton, you’ll see a link on the results page that says, “If you think there are still risks, click here.” This launches Norton Power Eraser, an “aggressive repair tool” that comes pre-installed with the antivirus. Even if you’ve selected a different company as your key security software provider, you can download and run Symantec Norton Power Eraser for free.

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Norton Power Eraser, like Malwarebytes Free, isn’t intended to be used alone. When your standard antivirus is having trouble dealing with a persistent malware attack, or when malware prevents you from installing a regular antivirus, you throw it into the mix. This product’s aggressive detection, according to Symantec, can flag legitimate programs for removal, so use it with caution. Norton Power Eraser is a Windows-only program.

Installation is not required

Norton Power Eraser is a quick download with no installation required. You could carry it in your pocket on a thumb drive in case of an emergency. Its main window launches straight into the action. A fast Unwanted Application Scan is available by pressing a button. You can uninstall the new patch by clicking another button if the check harms a legitimate application. A third button opens a page with advanced scanning options.

The simple Unwanted Application Scan should be sufficient for most users. If you’re going to pull out the big guns, I think you should start with a System Scan. The Reputation Scan is a little different in that it compares the files you pick to the Symantec Norton Cloud reputation database.

This scan is designed for computers with several Windows operating systems mounted, which is a relatively uncommon configuration among consumers. You have many options for scanning the device and the ability to reverse the impact of the most recent patch.

Working with Norton power eraser:

While working with Norton power eraser, it listed its finding after each scan. Once you attempt to fix malware or virus removal, you need to reboot the system every time for each fix. AS per one of the recent survey, the power eraser detected almost 87 % of threats compared to other antivirus programs like malware bytes. It also saves you from registry cleanup.

The 7.8 point score for Power Eraser isn’t bad. But Norton Antivirus Basic got a perfect 10 for their real-time security. With Power Eraser, however, perfection isn’t always the target. Instead, it aims to delete active malware so that your standard antivirus can do its job and clean up the mess. Also, Power Eraser is not suitable for ransomware protection.

If you are a Norton antivirus user, then Norton power eraser is already available with the Norton pack. However, if you are not a Norton user, still you can keep this power eraser as a handy tool to use.

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