How to Download Norton Power Eraser Tool on Windows

Are you facing malware attack or virus infection problem? Then you are on the right track. This blog will help you to know more about the Norton Power Eraser tool. Norton power eraser tool is a very powerful tool to remove infections and threats from your computer system.

Norton power eraser tool is a small portable tool provided by Symantec. It is free to download tool by Norton antivirus software. Norton power eraser tool will deeply scan your system and remove the crimeware and malware aggressively.

Download Norton Power Eraser Tool

Norton Power eraser tool is the most powerful and lightweight utility for scanning your computer for most harmful and aggressive threats. This Norton power eraser tool will also help you to remove unwanted programs on the computer system. Sometimes our normal antivirus program may fail to remove powerful crimeware on the system, you can check for the Norton power eraser tool in this case.

Know how to activate Norton subscription- www.norton.com/setup

 You can reverse the result or undo the results by Norton power eraser at any point in time.

Norton Power Eraser Tool

If your computer system contains the unrated programs installed, Norton power eraser tool will verify this by uploading it on the Symantec server and scan the program. You can remove unwanted plug-ins and toolbars or programs from your computer.

A Scareware attack on the system is the most critical and dangerous issue as it is associated with money stealing. Due to Scareware and crimeware attacks, we had lost much more amount. This scareware is used to steal the information from banking accounts and ultimately increases the cybercrimes.

Scareware may slow down your system or crash the active running window. In the worst-case due to this scareware attack, you may lose the login access to your banking account, which is the most dangerous threat.

How does the Norton Power Erase tool work?

Norton power eraser tool scans your computer system aggressively by using the different latest algorithms and eliminates the most dangerous threats like scareware or crimeware. Traditional antivirus programs might not be successful in removing this scareware.

Norton power eraser tool follows a simple multistep process instead of any complex process to identify strong threats. You just need to scan your system and remove the selected threats as well as unwanted software.

Norton Power Eraser Review- Virus Spyware Cleaner

Norton power eraser tool quickly review the past sessions and help you to check the accidental removal of software as well. You can see the entire history of infections and remedial actions.

Norton power eraser tool scans your computer system in strict mode, so we need to take care of a few things before installation. Be aware that, Norton power eraser tool can remove some legitimate software as well. It is always recommended to create a restore point or the system. Norton power eraser tool gives you the option to reverse the actions taken by the eraser, however, the restore point will help you to restore your system to a previous working version.

Norton power eraser is free to download tool and it is recommended to use it at last point if nothing else is working for the removal of the threats.

Download Norton Power Eraser System Requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • 32/64 bit
  • License: freeware
  • Author Symantec
Mac / iPhone / iPad

Not available for Mac/ iphone


Not available for Android or Smartphones

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How do I Download & Install Norton Power Eraser Tool?

  • Visit Norton official website
  • Find Norton power eraser tool
  • Or simply visit this link- https://us.norton.com/support/tools/npe.html
  • Click on “Download” button
  • Save the”NPE” application file
  • Double click to RUN the file
  • Follow the instructions to install [Next- Finish]
  • That’s it. DONE.


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