Norton Sign in Not Working- Access Problems in Norton Account

Norton sign in not working

Are you trying to access your Norton but Norton sign in not working? Norton antivirus is one of the famous antiviruses in the market. It offers many different products with advanced features.

While using Norton antivirus, if you are finding the difficulties of login to the system, then don’t worry. This blog will help you to overcome the signing related issues.

Norton Sign in to Account

If you have not created a Norton account, check your Norton subscription details and enter the Norton product key, set an automatic renewal option, and update the security features.

You need to make sure that the internet connection is active with good speed.

Go to Norton official website and click on sign-in. If you are not able to remember the password, then click on forget password link and reset your password.

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Norton Sign-in Problems

  • Sometimes due to browser-related issues, you might face signing problems. Try to forcefully refresh the browser by pressing CTRL + F5 key at the same time. Also, you can use alternative URLs for browsing the Norton website.
  • Try to clear the cache and cookies stored on your browser and make sure that you have the latest web page on your browser.
  • You may face a sign-in problem due to a DNS related problem. Clear the local DNS cache and work on the most recent cache.

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Resolve Norton Sign in Error on windows

  • Go to start and open the command prompt.
  • Now type the “ipconfig /flushdns”, and type hit the enter button.
  • If you are accessing it from 3G or 4G network, switch to an alternative DNS server.
  • Google Public DNS and Open DNS are excellent free public DNS services.

Norton sign in add device


If you are still facing issues, contact the Norton antivirus team. Their support team is always available to troubleshoot all kinds of questions and problems.

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