How to Download and Activate Norton Utilities 16

Norton Utilities 16- Download, Install, Setup and Activate NU16

Norton security has come with a new product -Norton Utilities 16. It helps your computer to improvise its speed and performance by optimizing, defragmenting, and managing your compute and maintaining all other security levels. Hence, it is compulsory to have an activation code to get the new Norton NU16 setup at by clicking on the above link. Also, you can download and install the Norton Utilities 16 through the compact disk or online mode easily.

How you can Download the new Norton NU16 Setup

Either you can download Norton NU16 setup by using the compact disk or by visiting Norton’s official website. And if you want to get Norton Utilities 16 software, then do go through the steps listed below and follow them as well:-

  • Firstly, what you have to do is click on the address bar and enter
  • And if you have completed the procedure similarly as mentioned above, then sign in to your account registered with Norton.
  • Next, to complete this procedure, you have to press the login button.
  • While doing it, please make sure that you are a registered user of Norton while clicking on the login button.
  • Then open the Order History menu immediately.
  • A menu list of all the subscribed Norton products will appear before you on the screen.
  • Then, find the Norton NU16 option there.
  • Next is click on the order details mentioned there.
  • Do write the Norton NU16 activation code in the notepad or somewhere else so that while in need you won’t lost it.
  • Now, click on the Download option.
  • And a Download Manager window will appear before you.
  • Now, click on the link to begin the Norton NU16 setup download procedure finally.
Norton Utilities- NU16

Norton Utilities 16- Download, Install, Setup and Activate NU16

Follow the below steps to Install Norton NU16 Setup

Must go through the guidelines mentioned below before you start installing the Norton NU16 setup on your system or PC:-

  • The first step, you have to perform is to click on the folder where you have saved the downloaded Norton NU16 setup.
  • Then, choose the Norton NU16 setup by double-clicking on it.
  • Next is click on the option appearing there.
  • Now, go through the guidelines to complete the Norton NU16 installation procedure.
  • This process will take some time as it is not that easy to finish the installation process.
  • Now, let Norton NU16 to finish the installation procedure first.
  • And once, you have followed all the steps for installation, then click on the Finish option.

How you can Activate Norton NU16 Setup

Hoping, that you have followed the last step, of the installation procedure of Norton NU16 setup and it is completed in your system. Do go through the steps which is listed below, so that you can easily activate the Norton NU16 setup to the system:

  • Here, the first step is open the Norton NU16 user interface on your system.
  • If not then you can also click for performing it.
  • Now, click on the Norton NU16 activates option after opening the console on your system.
  • Next you have to choose the Activate Now option, which is provided on the main menu.
  • Your activation window will get open on your display.
  • Now, you will get the form on your activation window where you have to type all the compulsory details.
  • before doing it please make sure that all the details you have entered are right.
  • Now, enter the Norton NU16 activation code.
  • Next is click on the Activate Now option.
  • Lastly, follow the guidelines carefully to finish the activation procedure.

How to get to Access of Norton NU16 Setup in your system

  • First thing is to click, on the Start menu.
  • Or you can either click on the Windows button given on your computer keyboard.
  • Now tap on the All Programs button.
  • And place the mouse cursor over the Norton Utilities 16 setup.
  • Now choose the Norton Utilities 16 option by clicking on the pop-up menu on your screen.
  • You can also search for the Norton NU16 icon by clicking on the toolbar.
  • Lastly, Double-click on the Norton NU16 icon, and yes you are done.

If you aren’t able to download, install or activate Norton Utilities 16, please contact our Norton customer service team. Quick links- Norton VPN not working / Norton cancel subscription / Activate NortonNorton login / Norton Setup /

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