Norton Security AppLock

Smartphone users have been on the rise whether they are using android or iPhone. The number of mobile phones has been increasing and we have more than 4 million apps present in the android or iPhone marketplace. It becomes extremely difficult to keep a track of all the software which is on your cellular phone. Norton keeps your applications safe and useful in order to protect your tool from unknown applications which may be harmful as well as other games. Norton app protections provide a number of ways in which you can protect your applications from harm.

Advantage of Norton security app lock

Quick and easy setup

You can easily download Norton safety app lock from google play store and set up the four-digit PIN as you see fit. Norton app lock provides you all the related information so that you can easily complete the process. A simple passcode is all you need to do to access all your protected applications.

Keep your Children safe

Norton app lock provides safety to your kids and helps them stay away from harmful apps by staying away from wrong apps. The Norton lock completely depends on the parameters together with age bars, or unauthentic chat or chatting with a complete stranger etc. Norton app locker will block such apps and keep your tool secure as well as stable for your child’s future. Also, will protect your child from these harmful apps. There are some very harmful apps like hacking apps in the market, your kid might get exposed to such apps and unknowingly share your family’s personal information like address, family names, automobiles, and other important information. Such apps can harm your kid as well as your family by gathering information and records and use them for hacking. Norton app lock will protect you from such apps. It will let you use passwords or locks to protect your information from your kids. It also provides an additional layer of security to let your information be stored on your cell phones.

Safety of Personal information 

Online transactions are extremely important these days and it helps save a lot of time and efforts. In fact, online purchasing is all-time high in the times of a Pandemic. People are using all kinds of apps to do different things like booking a flight or train tickets, buying groceries, even do all transactions online via OTP’s on your mobile phones. All your apps store your banking information, your card number, expiry, your addresses as well as your password on your mobile phone. There is a huge chance that your mobile device can get hacked and all your useful information is compromised. Norton App lock protects you from such hacking online and further protects your useful information. You can use passwords, tight security codes for protecting your text, emails, banking apps, and a lot more.

Provides high-grade security

Norton app lock enables an additional layer of safety on your mobile device. If you wish to know more about Norton security app lock use Norton.com/setup to access more information. A password is set on your app lock Norton app lock provides additional security and gives a robust and secure system to your mobile device.

To conclude, Norton app lock is available for android device holders but if for some reason the Norton app lock is not working, you can immediately download the app from the ‘Play Store’. For any kind of help like if you forgot your password or the application is not functioning properly or you need to reset password, Norton app lock password, you can easily contact our customer service. They will resolve all your issues.

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