What is Norton Bootable Recovery Tool & its Usage

Norton by Symantec Corporation gives you an excellent feature of personal files backup and restore. While restoring your files from backup, you must be aware of internet costing. You need to set up the firewall settings and data settings to no limit. This control setting will allow you to limit the bandwidth and usage of internet data. If your internet connection is slow, you can reduce the Norton usage.

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How to Restore Files from Norton Backup?

Below are steps to restore the files from Backup:

  • Go to Norton antivirus product. Select the backup option
  • Once you click on the backup section, you will get Run Backup, Restore files, Backup Sets, and More storage options.
  • Click on the Restore files option, you will get sections – Restore from, files and Restore to
  • Select on the Restore from, here you will get Restore sources from which you want to restore your files. One is online storage and the other one is the local disk.
  • Select the appropriate source from which you want to restore the files.
  • Then you need to check out the files. Norton gives you a customized option to choose. The list of your files and folders will be displayed on the screen and you need to select the exact files to restore.
  • Next, you need to check the Restore location; you will get two options Original location and new location.
  • Select a new location, and then browse the exact location where you want to restore your files.
  • Once you complete all three tasks, now hit the Restore files button.
  • Your all files will start restoring on the configured location; you can cross check it by opening that particular folder.

[Video Guide] How Do I Restore My Files From a Backup Set?

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Recover Files from Norton Backup

This is how you can restore all your files from Norton online backup. If you face any issue, a dedicated team with expert technicians is always available to support you. You can visit the Norton support website or contact our customer service for more details.


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