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As a small business owner, it won’t be wrong if you worry at times about the device and data security of our business. It is imperative that you maintain the highest level of internet security for your business, choosing a protection solution from the likes of Norton security support. Small business cyber security has been rigorously affected in the past few years. In fact, a study conducted not very long back, claimed 65% of such breaches target payment information of small businesses. We bring you here three steps to secure your organization.

Install a stable PCI Compliance System

PCI compliance means complying with the security requirement set for every business that stores or transmits credit card data. It is in fact the bare minimum for any business that sells things online. Customers who know the risks involved will not key in their credit card numbers if they find out that a business is not PCI compliant.
It keeps the process safe. Your customers do not have to worry about their card details being stolen this way. Therefore, it is a step you take to make your brand a more reliable name for your customers. More people want to buy from businesses they can trust. This not only builds reputation, but does away with any risk of security breach, theft or penalties. Also make sure, you put to use an effective antivirus like Norton. If you need help with Norton installation or setup, connect with our technicians.

Keep your POS system updated

Does your business employ the latest POS system? It is a collective term for your PC, monitor, receipt printer, cash drawer, customer display, barcode scanner and a credit/debit card reader. Most banks issue chip based cards now, because they are more secure. Thus when you update your POS system, make sure it is compatible to EMV technology. This protects against most EMV transaction scams and has a strong cardholder verification. It also helps protect stolen cards from being used, analyse sales data, maintain sales history and credit card authorization. This way, your business gets another layer of security. On the other hand, if you need any help with your antivirus error resolution, connect with us at Norton support live chat.



Always store your data on cloud

When you update your POS system, you can store your data on cloud. It is both easy and safe to store your data on cloud. The employees can access the data from anywhere across the world, as long as they have internet access. Highly reputed companies offer this service, businesses that spend a lot of skills and resources in maintaining their security standards. So risk of losing your data is extremely thin. Find a service provider who does not charge an arm and a leg. They should also offer unlimited storage. This way, you can share any data with any employee from anywhere across the world. All day, every day.

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There are also some other steps that you can take to better maintain your business security. Hiring an IT advisor maybe a good option, to gauge and review your different options. Layers of encryption and tokenisation also make stolen data useless for cyber criminals, because they cannot gather any personal data from an encrypted message. Also update your antivirus whenever a latest version is available. These updates can effectively do away with hackers and malware who were targeting the existing vulnerabilities in your system. If you need any help with your antivirus, give us a call at Norton security support.



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