How does Norton Family work

Norton Family- A Tool to Stay Safe in Internet Era

With the increase in the usage of the internet and tech devices, cybersecurity is a concern for all of us. Any device which uses the internet could be susceptible to virus attacks or cyber-attacks. Norton is a popular antivirus in the market and comes up with a range of products. Let us discuss how Norton […]

How to Disable Web Push Notifications

How to disable Web Push Notifications on Chrome/ Mozilla /Safari?

Steps to Turn off Web Notifications on the Major Web Browsers? Generally, approximately 10 percent of subscribers opt-out of web push notifications per year without any prior notice. Due to this, when it comes to regular web notifications, the opt-out rates are not as high comparatively. Hence, users prefer receiving notifications from their favorite websites […]

Norton Error
Cannot open Norton

After Upgrading Mac or Norton, I Cannot Open Norton

Sometimes while working with Mac and Norton Antivirus application, you might face an issue that after upgrading MAC or Norton, Norton is not working. Below are the steps to solve this issue: Exit from all the running applications, and then restart your Mac or system. If after a restart of your system; still, you are […]

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