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How Do I Temporarily Disable Norton Antivirus

Norton antivirus is one of the well-known antiviruses in the market. All Norton antivirus tools are used to keep your computer safe.  However, sometimes you may need to install something and might not be able to proceed because of Norton antivirus blocking some files.

For this, a quick solution is to disable the Norton antivirus temporarily. Once you are done with your work, you can again enable the protection of your system.

How to temporarily disable the Norton Antivirus?

Using disable option

  • You may notice a small triangle at the right bottom of your desktop, called as a system tray. Click on it and select the Norton antivirus
  • Click on the disable smart firewall option to temporarily shut down your antivirus protection
  • Here you need to choose the options, disable for a particular time or till next reboot
  • If you select the shutdown option, your antivirus will get automatically enabled after a restart

Using Norton toolbar

  • Open the Norton antivirus browser and select the toolbars option
  • Uncheck the Norton toolbar and disable the antivirus protection
  • Next time when you enable the checkbox, your Norton antivirus program will resume
  • Norton toolbar will help you to disable the Norton easily without changing any settings in the system

How to turn off Norton Security Temporarily?

Video Tutorial

YouTube video
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Turning off the automatic renewal of Norton antivirus

  • Go to Norton antivirus website and login to your Norton account using credentials
  • Navigate through all the options and select the Automatic Renewal option
  • Select turn off on the Norton automatic renewal option
  • Sign out from Norton account once you disable the automatic renewal option
  • You won’t get any bill till your next subscription


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