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time To Switch To Cloud Storage Yet

What is Cloud Storage?

In cloud storage, your data is stored on remote servers that can be accessed through the internet and managed by a third party service provider who offers cloud storage, offering flexibility, scalability and storage mechanism with no or only authorized public access. Exploring the various modes of device and data security, at Norton customer support, we recommend cloud storage to growing businesses as a feasible alternative against the ever-growing cost of storing all your electronic data at your data centre. Look beforehand if your service provider maintains the industry’s set privacy and security compliance metrics, and encrypt your data well before sending it to cloud storage.

Cloud storage is built on strong surveillance

While the most important files and IT information are kept under lock and key in most organizations, the data centres of prominent cloud service providers are guarded by several layers of protection. Their sole responsibility being that of protecting client data, they leave no stones unturned to create an environment as secure and reliable as possible. Not only there are barbed wire, high fence perimeters that have several security guards patrolling the areas, there are CCTV cameras for surveillance, monitoring and recording every activity in the close proximity.

Get Norton Help

At Norton antivirus support, we help you protect your data and devices from external malware and hacking threats. And we advise you to read well the SLA before signing acceptance of the service, to learn in detail, what are the provisions for on-demand scalability that keeps applications running and what off-site backup or disaster recovery programs they have.

Cloud storage helps keep under control the access to vital data

Storing your vital data in off centre Clouds, you minimize access of employees, vendors, visitors or trespassers in your location. There is a lot less risk of human intervention this way. We live at an age where identity theft crimes are on the rise, reason we take protection against malware so importantly at Norton support centre. Stealing consumer, marketing or industrial data are also not uncommon. Living in this era, it is admirable the way cloud protection can keep your data secure. Get a clear picture in the beginning, if there will be any added expenses along the way. Also save on unnecessary expenses, by determining how much storage you will require and avoiding buying in excess.

Cloud storage is subject to frequent audits ensuring better security

It goes without saying that cloud service providers take your data security with utmost importance. They employ highly efficient IT personnel to detect and eliminate every possible threat. The data is under constant monitoring. There are annual audits that further look into loopholes and all scope of further improvement. Do you think this level of professional maintenance is what your data deserves? Then why wait! Make a switch. But not before asking the service provider about the results of their last security audit and what are their security policies. Take the best care of your vital data. At Norton support UK, we are always there to guide you with the protection of your PC and other devices.


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