Norton Subscription

Norton antivirus is one of the popular ant viruses in the market. Sometimes you may get a sudden pop – up “Subscription Expired”. It is important to take care of the subscription plan renewal to save your computer from any virus or malware attacks. 

How to stop Norton Renewal Popups

To fix this problem you either need to update your subscription plan to the latest plan or check out for any other issue in the system. If your current subscription plan is within the validity and you still the message then you need to check for other options to solve the issue.

  • Synchronize your system with Norton database
  • Uninstall the Norton antivirus

How to stop Norton Renewal Reminder? Learn in Video Guide

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First, check out the Subscription status

  • Go to Norton antivirus and open the support option 
  • Select the subscription status link and click on it. This will check the synchronization of your system with the Norton server.
  • If there is any mismatch of the computer date and Norton server date, you may get a Subscription error. 
  • After connecting to the main screen, click on the “Live Update” Restart the computer.

Norton Subscription Renewal 

  • Go to the Norton antivirus and select the option Renew now. Choose the Renew My subscription and click on buy now
  • Select the Norton website and enter the credentials like a credit card, email address and create your Norton account. Purchase the Norton subscription plan. Once you complete the process, your subscription plan gets updated automatically. 

 Uninstall Norton Antivirus 

  • Open the windows start screen and search for the Norton Uninstall option.
  • Click on the Uninstall the button and follow the guideline to complete the uninstall process. Also, select the Remove all user data option and Restart the computer. 
  • Once you purchase the Norton antivirus subscription, you will get the renewal code through email 

If you are still not able to solve the issue, contact the Norton Antivirus support team. 


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