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Computer viruses are harmful enough for personal computers, but all hell breaks loose when they make their way to work computers and laptops. Working closely with our dedicated Norton Support team, We have compiled this short list of three common virus types that can take a business down in minutes.

  • File Infector Virus – The most common type, this virus attaches itself to a specific file within the computer to start its damage. It often overwrites the file where it attaches itself- making it harder to detect by replacing a part of the file or by being executed in place of the originally intended file. It can cause potential operational loss by overwriting payroll or client information.

Installing an antivirus protection that scans your device often and is able to detect harmful attacks in advance, removing virus that may have seeped through as a result of thousands of malware codes being distributed in a year, is the right solution for this threat. Individuals or businesses using the Norton antivirus, try the Norton Support number to instantly secure your web browsers and safely transfer files over public, home and office networks.

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  • PoS Dexter – Dexter uses point-of-sale systems and can create massive damage to any business. It aims to steal data from bank cards that people make payments with. It is a customized malware that has reached 40 countries across the globe. Once it infects a computer, it moves all relevant data to a remote server where it is used to replicate cards. If successful, your clients may end up getting their money stolen.

To avoid this, use systems that have point-to-point encryption. This keeps cardholder data confidential from the time of swiping to the completion of payment process. It tricks the attacker sending random digits that cannot be successful in creating a card.

And of course, PoS systems operated on isolated networks can effectively prevent intrusion. These networks do not run on existing networks and therefore prevent external attackers from attacking the system.

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  • Network Devices –  It is estimated that by 2022, smartphone users in UK alone will amount to 53.96 million individuals. With the use of mobile devices so much on the rise, most of us are still unaware of how they can become the source of the virus. Bluetooth connection, USB port and wireless networks are all mediums through which virus spreads.

Increase awareness. Make your employees aware of the seemingly harmless activities like charging a phone through an office computer or downloading any devious attachment can also lead to virus attack that may leave the device compromised.

For those who choose to fight back with the efficient Norton antivirus, our Norton Tech Support UK is your constant companion, be it for configuration, update, removal or troubleshooting of the antivirus that empowers you to detect and arrest malware threats in a matter of minutes.


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