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An effective antivirus with simple interface and easy setup

Norton 360 needs a fast download which is followed by a restart of your system. As your PC turns on again, it automatically installs the antivirus without you having to work your way through dialogue boxes and menus. Though other popular brands of antivirus do not need a restart, the setup is comparatively fast, taking a maximum of 5 minutes. The Norton home screen is simple and clean and clearly conveys the message of where your PC is protected and where it is subject to threats. It comes with four large shortcuts of Security, Backup, Identity and Tuneup tools. Get in touch with our Norton 360 antivirus support chat for any help you need to resolve error messages with your Norton antivirus.

An efficient antivirus with advanced features and some cool tools

Norton 360 has effective virus scanning features. What more, it offers different tools, including startup manager, online file backup, firewall and registry cleanup. It also comes with the popular Norton Insight and My Network management tool. The Norton Insight is a great tool that helps determine which processes of all that are running in our devices are actually worth keeping. On the other hand, the registry cleaner helps improve your system performance by deleting wrong registry entries that usually burden or slow down a PC. Our Norton 360 antivirus support centre is your one stop solution for a variety of Norton errors that may require troubleshooting.

The security highlights of Norton 360

Norton 360 comes with a variety of security tools to offer highly powerful and effective online security against any kinds of external attacks. Take the example of Boot Time Protection. It does enable the right plug-ins and drivers to protect your computer at the time of startup. Then comes the SONAR or Symantec Online Network for Advance Response. It locates files that can be potentially threatening and matches them with known malicious programs, to find out if there is any similarity in behaviour. Owing to its worldwide popularity, we have built our Norton 360 antivirus customer support number to support Norton users across UK with different installation, configuration and other antivirus help.

How does Norton 360 impact your system?

Norton Insight makes sure that you can view if the executable files are taking up your system resources, while the Startup Manager lets you select which programs should start running when you start your PC. It has a Silent Mode that can switch off pop ups and automatic tasks, for non stp requirements like gaming.

How effective is Norton’s privacy features?

The Norton Identity Protection tool offers a centralized location to save all your banking information, website logins, email addresses and personal notes. At Norton 360 support UK we have noted this feature to be highly instrumental in protecting you from keyloggers as well as hacking attempts that take place when you have to type in user id’s and passwords regularly.

What more, there is a Scam insight feature that inspects any website that asks for sensitive information but does not seem to have characteristics that a legitimate site usually has. The browser toolbar will indicate if a website is safe. And it will notify users of fraudulent sites, so they do not give away vital information on phishing attempts. Our technicians are highly skilled and adept in helping you with any support related to Norton products. For instant help, reach our Norton 360 antivirus contact number.

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