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What Is An Antivirus Meant To Do?

Antivirus software has a database of information that it refers back to, when it scans a file. There it compares certain bits of code with its existing database. If it happens to trace a pattern that duplicates the database, it treats it as a virus and either quarantines or deletes it. All program files are scanned by the antivirus as it enters a system. The ones with matching signature are immediately blacklisted. The other program files are sent through Defense+HIPS (short for Host Intrusion Prevention System). Here all identified files are allowed to run and unidentified files are sent to Defense+Sandbox. In here, they run in a restricted environment till the safe files are Whitelisted and dubious files are sent for further analysis. Our Norton Activation Support team brings you here the different methods of virus detection followed by your antivirus software.

The Three Tier Security Process Of An Antivirus

Background Scan – An antivirus scans every file that is opened from backend. This is a process of ensuring real time protection from malware and hacker attacks. This process is also known as access scanning.

Full System Scan – If the background scanning feature is on, you may not need the full system scan. However, you need it when you have just installed an antivirus software, recently updated your antivirus software or just repaired an infected computer. This ensures that there are no hidden viruses in your system. Our Norton activate services offer assistance with installation and activation of your Norton software

Virus Definition – Antivirus refers to virus definition to identify different types of malware. It updates new viruses’ definitions time to time. They contain signatures that antivirus refers to, when scanning new files and apps. This way your antivirus software finds out if a file is infected and quarantines it accordingly.

Different Methods Of Malware Detection

Signature based – This is basically the process we discussed till now. It checks all the .EXE files against its known list of malware. It also checks the unfamiliar executable files for any new kind of misbehaviour that may be the way of new malware. It is always advisable to use antivirus right during background scanning, as it is simpler to remove a malware before it gets a chance to infect a system. If you ever need any help with Norton activate registration, our team of technicians will be happy to serve.

Heuristic based – This is used at par with signature based detection, to locate a malware that is new or variant or altered version of a malware. Most antiviruses have it as it can detect a malicious program even if it does not fall under the set standard of virus definitions. Antivirus software run susceptible apps or programs that have a suspicious code, when it is within a runtime virtual environment. This way the vulnerable code cannot infect in reality.

Behavioural based – This detection method works for Intrusion Detection process. It detects a malware once it does any activity that malware do. It works more when a file is executed. Norton activate online helps you solve all Norton related errors conveniently from your home. Our technicians explain what you have to do, in a step by step, easy manner to resolve an error. If that does not help, we can take remote access of your computer (with your consent) and fix the problem for you.

Sandbox detection – This method resembles the behavioural based method. It first executes an application in a virtual environment to observe what kind of action it performs. Thus verifying its actions, the antivirus software can detect whether a program is malicious or not.

Data mining techniques – One of more recent developments, it helps find out if a program or application is malicious, based on a set of program features. To activate Norton antivirus, give us a call.

How To Activate Norton Antivirus

It is a fairly easy process where you start your Norton product, click Help on the main window, go to Account Information and click on Enter Product Key, type in the product key and click on Next. (You can find the product key in your order confirmation email, Norton account, on retailer’s card or product CD). Then you follow the on screen instructions, review subscription details and click on Done. A fairly easy process, where you might face minor inconveniences time to time. To resolve it instantly, you can avail our efficient Norton activation key related services.

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