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Antivirus protection to fight tricksters of the cyber world

Have you come across ad pop ups that tell you you’ve won a trip for 2 to an African Safari or than you’ve earned 50,000 pounds in some random lottery? And then goes to ask for processing money to release your gift? We are living in a world where internet fraud consists of charity fraud, online automotive fraud, internet ticket fraud and gambling fraud. As if this was not enough, there is phishing, the process of disguising as a trusted contact that attempts to obtain your confidential information, like user name, password or credit card details.

You have to be aware of such situations to know how to respond to them. Your email firewall and an efficient antivirus like Norton can come together to keep such attacks at bay. If you need any help with installing or configuring your Norton antivirus, call our Norton customer service phone number for instant support from our helpline.

Antivirus protection to keep your device safe of malware

Worms are computer programs that replicate and spread into other computers. It commonly spreads to other devices through a computer network, making its way through security failures. Like viruses modify and/or corrupt files, worms commonly consume bandwidth, increasing network traffic and making the computer extremely slow. Trojans, on the other hand, are programs that bluff the user of their original intentions. Trojans help hackers get access of confidential information present in a computer.

Any intrusion into a computer, whether with malicious intent or not, is known as a vulnerability. And they are not good regardless, because it sends a signal that the computer has been attacked. This makes the computer more ‘vulnerable’ for probable attacks. This is why your Norton antivirus plays such an important part in your system security. Contact Norton customer service chat for assistance with upgrading your antivirus to fight the latest threats at any hours.

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to malicious software

Cyber crime is backed by some of the best brains in every era. No wonder, malware is becoming more sophisticated at a steady rate. Spyware is one such software that hackers use to monitor your computer and access information from it. It can be invasive enough to monitor anything you do with your keyboard and mouse.

Ransomware again, does something that wasn’t possible some years back. It alters your system in such a way that you become unable to access your own computer. Then it displays some message where it asks for an amount of money for you to be able to gain your access back on your computer. An effective antivirus can defend against many such malware. Upgrading it regularly ensures it can fight the more sophisticated and latest malware as well. And if you need resolution for any error message that your antivirus gets, or get in touch with Norton for a refund, get in touch with Norton antivirus customer service email where our antivirus experts can help you through the process.

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