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Let us begin with a common Norton antivirus error – the 8504, 104 error It usually appears for one of two reasons, if the Norton installation fails during the installation process or when upgrading to a newer version. Or when there is already a pre installed security software or antivirus software in the computer. The Norton 8504, 101 error messages, on the other hand, will sometimes appear when installing the program, , with a Symantec related software program already running, when Windows shutdown or start up and even during the installation of the Windows operating system. Our expert technicians are always a phone call away to resolve your Norton error 8504 and 101 in an easy and efficient manner.

How do you fix scan error for your MAC?

Try exiting all programs and restarting your MAC. In most cases, this will solve the error. If it does not, you can try going to the Apple menu bar, clicking Go, selecting Applications and then double clicking on the Applications window on Norton Security. There you will find LiveUpdate. Click on that and run it till you get a further notice from Norton. To update the virus definitions, download it manually. The file named nis6avdefinitions.pkg gets saved in the Downloads folder on its own. Double click on the file you downloaded and follow the instructions given onscreen to install the virus definitions. If you face any trouble on any step, our panel of technicians can help you resolve your Norton scan error in a convenient method.

What do you do in case of a firewall error?

There are quite a few factors, one of which can disturb your internet connection. There can be a problem from the side of your service provider or it may occur because of your antivirus firewall. You have to first determine the right cause of internet failure. Once you follow the step by step procedure to turn off your firewall, check if it is some applications or browsers that cannot reach the internet, if you can access the Symantec website after you have turned off the firewall or you still cannot reach it and troubleshoot accordingly. If you need help with your Norton firewall error, just give us a call.

The many other kinds of errors

There are various common errors that you may encounter when installing, setting up, configuring or uninstalling your Norton antivirus. Your internet connection may get reset or lost. It may be a case where restore or backup failed. You may get an error message, ‘Unable to connect to the Norton LiveUpdate server,’ where you have to select Automatically Detect Settings or Automatic Configuration under Network Proxy Settings.

There may be errors you encounter while scanning, while backup or a proxy error. To resolve any kind of Norton antivirus error, feel free to avail the services of our technicians via call or chat, where for a minimal fee you get your backup technicians who are always available to help you with troubleshooting any of your Norton antivirus errors.

Our technicians are highly competent in resolving all kinds of antivirus errors through phone guidance or by taking remote access. In most cases, your issue gets resolved in the first call itself. If it recurs, you always have our undivided attention. In any issue, call us at our Norton customer service number.

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