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Norton Firewall Blocking

How does your Norton firewall protect your device?

If you use a Norton security product like Norton 360 or Norton Internet Security, your computers and other internet accessing devices are secured by an antivirus and a firewall. The firewall is instrumental in blocking unauthorized and unwanted software and programmes from accessing your device. Like the antivirus protects your devices, the firewall controls your access on different websites to ensure your computer does not get infected by malware from clicking a malicious website.

Norton Firewall Settings

There are thousands of malicious websites, ads and links that are created by hackers with the sole purpose of making unsuspecting people click on them and make a path for the malware to enter the computer. Norton firewall blocking ensures that they are not successful by restricting your access to infected websites and links from untrustworthy sources. Antivirus protection becomes doubly effective when backed by firewall protection. Like a firewall blocks the path of fire when it tries to spread in a building, the computer firewall works to effectively remove threats from entering your network and spreading into all devices.

Find help with your Norton antivirus firewall

You may require turning off the Norton firewall sometime, when another device cannot access or detect your computer. Similarly in case you cannot download a file because of your firewall protection, you will need to turn off the firewall. Our antivirus experts can help you with unblocking your Norton firewall blocking when you require. And it is always advisable to block it back as soon as your work is done.

Our team is always accessible by call or chat for any configuration requirement of your antivirus, troubleshooting for any errors that it is facing, help with installation, configuration and setup of your antivirus, removal of it (if required) as well as complete and customized malware scanning, to secure web browsers and transfer of files over home, public and office networks.

Our technicians at Norton tech support UK help you check out latest updates of your antivirus and install it and solve any errors related to it. When you find pop ups informing you to turn on firewall, Norton firewall not working or that your computer is at risk, just call us if you can’t turn on Norton firewall setting by yourself. We can guide you over the phone or take remote access and do it for you.

For a minimum payment, you enjoy the efficiency of always having a professional by your side. Your firewall blocks the download of any malware that can harm your device in a small or big way. So it is highly important that your firewall is turned on and maintained accordingly. Norton smart firewall is an asset for any individual or organization. Make sure you utilize it to your maximum benefit!

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