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Expert technicians solve your antivirus related worries in no time

The factors that make Norton the number one antivirus

Norton antivirus protects all your devices equally efficiently, offering adequate protection against viruses, Trojans, worms, malware, spyware and other online threats. As you start using more devices, it gives you the flexibility to move protection from one device to another as well as add more protection with the increase of devices. It helps you maintain your privacy across all devices and also helps you locate lost tablets and smartphones.

Its daily protection updates run in the background to safeguard Mac devices from latest threats and effectively blocks out hackers from taking advantage of vulnerabilities in any software or application to stealthily introduce malware into the system. It protects the devices from malware that causes the devices to slow down. It also scans iChat, MobileMe and other instant messengers for any suspicious attachment that can commit crimes like identity theft and access your bank account.

How Norton Security Chat Support helps your antivirus related concerns?

We have a team of expert communicators who are proficient in solving all your antivirus requirements fast and easily. They can

  • Efficiently remove antivirus (if system gets corrupt) along with removal of registry and residual files.
  • Configure the antivirus as per the user requirements to ensure optimal utilization
  • Update antivirus when required for consistent performance and upgrade antivirus to latest versions
  • Troubleshooting as and when required for the antivirus or for other aspects of your devices
  • Remote assistance for total malware scanning, customized as required, to secure web browsers and transfer files over home, public and office networks.

What makes our Norton security help chat your reliable support network?

When installing, configuring, upgrading or troubleshooting your Norton antivirus, you can count on the consistent and constant support of our technical experts at all times. Remote support is offered by our technicians which means, they basically take over and troubleshoot your device on behalf of you. The technicians are available on call or chat all day, so pick the mode that suits you more. Most issues are solved at your first call and if some require further communication, you can still rest assured that your issue will be resolved as fast as possible.

Norton internet security live chat does all this and more at highly reasonable and pocket friendly fees.

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