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Your computer and its diverse points of vulnerability

Any computer that is in use is always under certain external threats. And so is the data stored inside it. From viruses & worms to hackers and social engineering ploys, there is no dearth of external agents who are ever looking for an opportunity to invade and infect a device and tamper the vital data stored in it. The term ‚Äėvulnerability‚Äô can simply be explained as any weakness in a device or system that gives an external program or person a chance to access the machine. Here the attacker person or program has the tools to exploit such flaws in a program or device. Norton antivirus efficiently prevents intrusions that try to take advantage of loopholes in the operating system software. You can login to our¬†Norton security live chat¬†to resolve any errors you face with your antivirus configuration.

Hardware Vulnerabilities

This does not involve any hacking activity or malware infection, but it can render stored data useless on its own. Computers are affected by temperature, humidity, fire, water damage, theft and disasters of a related nature. To make sure a computer works well over time, keep computers in normal room temperature and away from water. Following basic instructions like turning off the computer properly can help you maintain your hardware well. For external threats, Norton Ongoing Protection is always on the lookout for latest updates and software patches. Need help with the setup? Call us at Norton Security Help UK and get expert help immediately.

Software Vulnerabilities

Playing an instrumental role in external threats, software vulnerability occurs when the latest update for a software has not been installed or when the software has not been properly tested. Reliable software developers always make it a point to test software extensively for functionality, bugs and vulnerability against attacks. When they find some vulnerability, they write new codes that do away with the vulnerability. But if the user does not install the latest update, the old version of software remains vulnerable still. One smart way to protect against cyber threats is to be well aware of how these attacks happen as well as implementing the correct protective measures. Norton’s smart scheduler feature makes all time taking deep scans and large updates when no one is working on the computer. You can avail our Norton security help for any scan support you need with your antivirus.

Network Vulnerabilities

Working on unsecured networks makes your device susceptible to network vulnerabilities. Are you browsing on your computer from a broadband network that is not secure? You are increasing the chance for hackers to access your device. How do you take measures against such threats? By keeping an updated firewall running at all times, using proper encryption and password protection, regularly updating all programming and network drivers and lastly, controlling network access. Norton’s insightful service ensures no file with red flag goes past it. Its scan speed is also one of the fastest according to industry standards. And for any help you need with installing or uninstalling your antivirus, our technicians are only a call away. Get in touch at our Norton security helpline number today!

Norton Security Help

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