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Norton antivirus does not slow down your computer

While other antivirus software may scan all files in a computer (and that includes each one coming in and going out, our Norton antivirus with its smart insight, scans only the files that have red flags. This way it hardly ever causes your computer to slow down because of antivirus scan. Alerts as well as updates that can wait are put on hold (to be sent later) if the computer is being used for online gaming or watching a video. When it needs to perform a big update or intensive scan, your Norton antivirus waits till the computer is free. Our Norton security technical support helps you with whatever antivirus install, reinstall and uninstall issues you may face.

Norton antivirus takes every step with insightful measures

If an application slows down your computer’s performance, your Norton antivirus lets you know. It also comes with a useful tool, the Norton System Insight that educates a user how the different tasks and applications can be affecting the performance speed of your computer. While most other antivirus scans the physical attributes of a file, the Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response in Norton searches underlying clues to determine if a file is harmful or not. It will not only match a file against a known list of threats, but look for where and by what source a file was created, to determine how reliable or suspicious a file is. Reach out to our helpline Norton security support number when you face any issues with the setup of your Norton antivirus.

Norton antivirus safeguards against different malware attacks

Your Norton antivirus efficiently protects your devices against a variety of malware that make up the world of cyber crime. To mention the common ones, it protects against self replicating viruses that can destroy a computer and worms that travel across networks and bog them with monumental traffic. It also protects against spyware that collects data from a computer without the user’s knowledge as well as adware that makes it difficult to work among the continuous stream of pop ups. There are more than 60 thousand new malware making an entry in the cyber world every single day. This is the reason why it is necessary to keep updating your antivirus to fight the latest and more sophisticated threats. Our Norton internet security team can help you with antivirus scans and updates.

Norton antivirus gives your computer in depth protection

Just like the Norton antivirus protects your device against rootkits (malware that lets hackers take remote control of your computer) and bots (that come together to form botnets, network through which hackers make money), it also takes other insightful measures to counter threats. Norton Download Insight can detect right away, if a file you download from an email or the internet has suspicious qualities. It is an extremely useful tool to protect your device and all vital data in a cyber world that is fraught with activities like identity and data theft. Call our technicians on our Norton internet security contact number for any problem resolution.


What may seem like a complex or recurring error may have a simple solution. But because all of us are not equally updated about how things work in the world of computers, hardware, software, malware protection, etc. we tend to panic at times over common issues. Our Norton security live chat is for resolution of your day to day antivirus errors. Because protecting your device/devices is highly important at an age when we do so many banking and other important transactions from our computers. It is important to save our financial, banking, customer or other data from hackers who have made a profession out of causing others misery. Feel free to ask for Norton internet security help whenever you require.

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