// Guide to Norton.com setup install with product key


Norton antivirus is the preferred brand for millions of individual users as well as businesses, due to the fact that it detects and removes viruses without causing a system to slow down. It comes with several extra tools that work to achieve more than virus protection.

Its password manager, for example, stores usernames and passwords for online bank, email and social media accounts, keeping them safe in the antivirus program. Its parental control software can be purchased individually as well as with virus protection, to monitor children’s exposure to the internet.

Besides, Norton Support UK is highly efficient to safeguard against phishing as well as all latest malware. It comes with a gaming mode and rescue CD and its virus detection and removal process does not hinder activities like game playing, web browsing or online movie watching.

5 Step Guide Through Your Norton Setup

  • 1. Log into your Norton account.
  • 2. Choose according to your system specification from the different versions.
  • 3. Please check that there is not any similar anti malware or security software in the device.
  • 4. Read the license agreement through and run the setup.
  • 5. Lastly, provide the Norton product key for activating the antivirus.
norton setup

Get the Norton account pre-installed or from Norton online store, order history tab, retailer’s card, product CD or third party website. For any Norton setup help, we are just a call or click away. Our technical experts can smoothly take you through the entire process when your Norton setup is not working.

When the Norton.com/setup activate comes in handy?

Our Norton setup facilities are designed to help you through some common setup challenges. These include the antivirus installation/uninstallation, setup & configuration, retail card issues, Norton setup key/enter product key error, activation issue, update problem, Norton antivirus not being able to scan the device or not being able to download the antivirus.

Our dedicated team is proficient in technical and communication skills, helping you through these issues as well as any issue related to Norton antivirus support. At an age of constant cyber threats when your device security cannot wait, we highly recommend that you put your faith in this undisputed high quality antivirus. Our Norton antivirus helpdesk is there to help you through all your technical obstructions.

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