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How malware affects a computer

There are pranksters creating malware, to see how much damage their creations are capable of making or to spread some message. And then, there are professional hackers designing malware, with the plan of stealing data or getting money out of the victim one way or the other. These malware can steal vital information like email addresses, passwords and social security numbers that can be used for crimes committed with stolen identity. Or they pop up, pretending to be an authentic antivirus, misinforming you that your computer is infected and urging you to buy their bogus antivirus software to protect your computer. At Norton Technical Support UK we actually see so many stealthy strategies at play, to rob people off their money!

For example, you may have heard of keystroke logging, where hackers put a malware to track every keystroke you make in your computer. Doing this, they are able to find out every information, starting from which sites you visit to user id’s and passwords. Given the fact, that we commonly use our computers for online banking, transferring and receiving funds and paying bills, getting the login details stolen could rob us of our entire bank balance in minutes. While Norton antivirus protects your computer efficiently, our third party Norton Technical Support Number helps you get instant help with any error you face in installing or configuring your antivirus.

Viruses and hackers work together for a common goal. An efficient antivirus like Norton will protect the user when he or she surfs the internet and prevents hackers from accessing vital information like bank account details or credit card information. The antivirus firewall feature will block unauthorized incoming connection to your computer or network, safeguarding both from hackers. Do not worry about the money you spend on antivirus, it will safeguard you from operational loss and confidential information theft that are common in this age.

How malware makes its way into a computer


Have you come across one of those pages, where you get two download options to download single software? A lot of us get confused in such situations, clicking on the wrong option. Immediately, the dubious software gets installed in your computer and proceeds to infect it with malware. This is the reason why it is always better to download software from official websites only. Thankfully for Norton users, their antivirus will detect if any file seems suspicious. And for any help you need with updating your antivirus time to time, feel free to call our Norton Technical Support Contact Number.

Every reputed email service provider works constantly in making their services more spam proof, but when it comes to spam, hackers are relentless and many of us are absolutely clueless to their ever evolving tricks, making us easy victims. Hackers will use different accounts, sometimes posing as an acquaintance or a business we know, to send emails containing malicious files. Clicking on the links in these emails, we make way for malware to infect our devices. Phishing is also largely carried out through spam emails. Norton, with its unique e-mail monitoring feature, works to warn subscribers of such attacks. And our Norton Technical Support Phone Number helps Norton users connect with technicians for any troubleshooting they need with their computer or Norton antivirus.

Links & Auto Downloads

While browsing social networking platforms, we often click on links posted by people we know or links that seem to lead to an interesting post. This is one of the most common ways to get virus infection. In case of auto downloads, you will notice your browser starting some download on its own. 9 out of 10 such downloads are malware and you must stop them immediately. Norton antivirus, with its SONAR Behavioral Protection and Norton Reputation Service, gives every device in your network the best protection. Call us at our Norton Technical Support Number UK to extend your antivirus protection to every device under your network!

Norton Technical Support

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