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We save highly valuable information like user id’s, passwords, credit card & banking details as well as all our client contacts in our computers. No wonder therefore, that hackers are always on the lookout to invade our computers and steal our data. They modify the features of a network or system or find some vulnerable point and make it a point of access and attack. Being aware, creating strong passwords and changing them often, following healthy browsing practices and installing an effective antivirus – steps like these combine to create an effective security system for your device. Our Norton antivirus renewal support team highlights here the most common ways attacks happen in the cyber world!

Web Ads and Downloads

One of the most exploited ways, in this hackers target some legitimate website with high reputation that sell ad space to third parties. They acquire them with legitimate looking websites and email addresses that can be verified. But once these ads go live, what do these miscreants do? They change the code behind so that the users clicking on the ad are directed to a malware infected website.

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Another common way is to offers free downloads of popular apps or software programs to users. Why do you think your Norton renewal subscription is so vital? These programs that you install innocently, then go on to run malicious codes on your device. Along with this, be mindful that you download programs from their original owner sites and sell advertisement space (in case, you happen to do it) only after taking a good look at the third party.

Cookies that are stolen

Cookies are little text files stored in your browser cache or system that often include a lot of information about you – not just which websites you visit, but users id’s, passwords and financial data. The modern browser add-ons have made it even easier to steal cookies. Helping clients with their Norton renewal code, we often tell them how hackers often successfully decrypt even encrypted messages in cookies. It is always wise to avoid public networks. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is ideal to encrypt and tunnel mobile internet connection as well. Also, keep clearing your browser and system caches time to time.

Distributed Denial of Service

Another popular strategy of hackers – upset networks or computers by excessive data requests, login attempts and repetitive tasks. Then comes the ‘botnet’ attack that targets a network and floods it with enormous traffic. A more sophisticated variant is the buffer overflow attacks, where hackers steal personal information by managing to freeze online forms, filling them up with excessive data. When you invest in Norton internet security renewal, you take a fool proof step towards protecting your network, devices and data within these devices from multiple types of external threats and attacks.

Technical Eavesdropping

Hackers are also known to follow network connections minutely and record as much vital information as possible. As long as they are not detected, the hackers intercept data transmissions, do packet sniffing and adapt other monitoring strategies to obtain information. They spot unsecured networks and exploit them as per their own advantage. Mention can also be made here of keylogging, though it is a different technique, that of recording strokes made on a keyboard to find out vital information like user id’s and passwords. Protect your device and network through timely antivirus renewal. Call our technical team for any assistance you need with your Norton renewal key or other related issues.

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